Zoya Haul

Hello ladies! Today I have a tiny haul from Zoya, but I really really love these polishes and couldn't wait to share with you!

Kennedy: This is the perfect pale pink I was looking for in a winter color. I am so glad I purchased this! It kind of looks like a nude color on but there is a slight pink blush that I just adore. This was 3 coats, it was a bit tricky to apply but I think that is because I didn't let enough time to dry between coats. 

Raven: I was looking for a really nice plain black polish, and online this looked like it was perfect but it turns out it has a little silver shimmer embedded in, which I still like a lot! I wish it was a black creme polish, but this surprise is a happy one because I don't have anything like this either! This was a VERY EASY two light coats.

Tru: Lastly, the most amazing of all. The. Perfect. Polish. I am SO in love with this color. This was two coats and like I've said before I love me some purple polish, and that gold shimmer, OH GOD I JUST LOVE IT. I'll let the pictures do the talking for this one.

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