OPI Grease Collection Swatches and Review

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In honor of the 40th anniversary of "Grease" OPI has released 12 limited edition, retro summery shades inspired by the iconic film. 

My thoughts on the OPI Grease Collection

Hello lovelies! Today I am so excited to share with you the OPI Grease Collection! In honor of the 40th anniversary of "Grease" OPI has released 12 limited edition, retro summery shades inspired by the iconic film.

I am a huge Grease fan, and 50s fan in general! As a kid I loved wearing poodle skirts and singing along to "Look At Me - I'm Sandra Dee", so I knew that I wanted to pick these polishes up.

I picked up some of these polishes from Polish Pick, and some from my local TJ Maxx. And of course you can always pick this up at OPI.com.

Now onto the swatches of the OPI Grease Collection

TELL ME ABOUT IT STUD | Tell Me About It Stud is your classic OPI bright cherry red. This, of course, refers to the last scene of the the movie, where Sandy comes out in an all black and leather outfit and a pop of red on her lips and nails. This had a gorgeous formula and was opaque in 2-3 coats

YOU'RE THE SHADE THAT I WANT | You're the Shade That I Want is a bright fuchsia pink creme, not a shade that I usually go for but it had a nice formula and was opaque in an easy 2 coats

PINK LADIES RULE THE SCHOOL | Pink Ladies Rule the School is a nice medium pink creme. I love the name of this polish, but the color is not my favorite. This was opaque in 2-3 coats for me.

FRENCHIE LIKES TO KISS? | Frenchie Likes to Kiss? is a gorgeous white-based lavender creme with a subtle flash of bright violet shimmer. You can see the shimmer in the bottle better than on the nail, but in the sun you can see a hint of it. I love this color and think it's so pretty. This takes 3 coats for full opacity.

SUMMER LOVIN' HAVING A BLAST | Summer Lovin’ Having a Blast is a super vibrant orange creme, and a color I see being HUGE this summer. I own nothing like this orange, and it is so pretty. This had a great great formula and was opaque in 2 coats.

HOPELESSLY DEVOTED TO OPI | Hopelessly Devoted to OPI is a light peach creme polish, and a great color for the summer. This polish, as with the other light shades in this collection, was streaky for me on the first and second coat, but evened out nicely at 3 coats

MEET A BOY CUTE AS CAN BE | Meet a Boy Cute as Can Be is a cool-toned milky-yellow polish -- and for sure one of my favorites in this collection! If you know me, you know I love love love yellows! This also had a good formula for a yellow, and was opaque and even in 3 coats

DON'T CRY OVER SPILLED MILKSHAKES | Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milkshakes is a really gorgeous and unique milky-white creme with just a drop of green mixed in. This was streaky on the first coat, and fully built up in 3 coats.

CHILLS ARE MULTIPLYING! | Chills are Multiplying! is a really gorgeous navy blue jelly packed with bright cobalt blue shimmers. I really love the way this looks built up, and it's perfect in 3 coats.

DANNY & SANDY 4 EVER! | Danny & Sandy 4 Ever! is a deep charcoal grey with blue/silvery shimmer, and some have said it looks exactly the same as "Coalmates" from the Love OPI, XOXO collection. I have to agree -- so if you have one you don't need the other. This was 2 coats for full opacity.

TEAL ME MORE, TEAL ME MORE | Teal Me More, Teal Me More is a medium teal creme. There was a little color separation in the bottle, which tends to happen with colors like this, but it did not change the color on the nail for me. This was a really tough formula for me to work with -- it was more runny than the other shades which made for uneven application. It did build up in 2-3 coats.

WAS IT ALL JUST A DREAM? | Was it All Just a Dream? is a light minty teal, and a classic shade for summer. This is a classic OPI shade too, and that means the formula was great and opaque in 2 coats.

Final Thoughts on the OPI Grease Collection

Now that we're through with the photos, here are my final thoughts. I really loved this collection, for the nostalgia feels, and I think they did a great job of pulling colors directly from the movie and pulling inspiration from the 50s. That being said, there are some classic shades in here, which means you don't need the entire collection -- and even some direct dupes from some very recent OPI collections. 

So I leave it up to you, take a look at your collection and see what you might be missing! Let me know which colors you'd want from this collection down in the comments!

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