LONDONTOWN Welcome To Summer 2018 Duo Swatches and Review

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LONDONTOWN came out with two gorgeous light shades for summer, check out my swatches below! 

My Thoughts on the LONDONTOWN Welcome To Summer 2018 Collection

Hello Lovlies! Today I am excited to share the new LONDONTOWN Welcome to Summer 2018 duo. This is a two-polish collection, but I love how light and airy these shades are for summertime. 

LONDONTOWN is the first and only nail treatment and color line that works synergistically to heal nails from within. From root to tip, LONDONTOWN's kur nail care system and bold lakur polishes are formulated to provide the ideal balance between strength and hydration, leading to strong glossy fingernails and nourished cuticles. These polishes are also vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and 9-free -- everything I love to see in my polishes. 

This was my second collection from LONDONTOWN, and as I mentioned in my previous review, I think it's very possible to have clean, healthy and harmless nail polish that is also bright, beautiful and long lasting

Now onto the swatches...

BRIOLETTE | Briolette is an iridescent lavender shade that will keep you looking luminous with a subtle ultra violet flash. This is a gorgeous pastel, and I think the flash of bright purple iridescence really makes this a summer shade. You can really see the bright purple in the bottle, but it doesn't translate super well on the nail. That being said -- I do think that it brings a beautiful dimension to this polish! This built up in 3 coats.

OPAL | Opal is a shimmery lilac/grey crelly base that is packed with a gorgeous shimmer that gives it the "opal" look. The shimmers shift from bright blue, to pink, to purple (you can maybe catch a hint of warmer shimmer flashes). I was surprised so much by this shade - I was thinking it would look muddy and unflattering on my skin-tone but it really looks gorgeous. Like the other, this built up in 3 coats

My Final Thoughts on the LONDONTOWN Welcome To Summer 2018 Duo

Wrapping up my thoughts on the LONDONTOWN Welcome To Summer Duo, I was so happy with the lightness of these shades, and I really think they are beautiful for the summertime. I thought both of these had a great and easy-to-use formula, but because they were light, did require 3 coats.

Each of these are $16 a bottle, and you can purchase them here. What are your favorite summer shades? Let me know what you think of these down in the comments!

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