LONDONTOWN Vacay Mode Spring 2018 Swatches and Review

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LONDONTOWN is a a new to me brand that I just discovered while out and about in New York. They have released a Spring 2018 Vacay Mode collection, which is comprised of four beautiful bright and fresh shades.

LONDONTOWN Vacay Mode Collection

Hello lovelies! Today I am so so excited to share with you all a new to me brand - LONDONTOWN! I was walking around New York with friends last week, when I came across beautiful polishes from LONDONTOWN. 

LONDONTOWN is the first and only nail treatment and color line that works synergistically to heal nails from within. From root to tip, LONDONTOWN's kur nail care system and bold lakur polishes are formulated to provide the ideal balance between strength and hydration, leading to strong glossy fingernails and nourished cuticles. These polishes are also vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and 9-free -- everything I love to see in my polishes. 

My thoughts on the LONDONTOWN Vacay Mode Collection

The LONDONTOWN Vacay Mode Collection consists of four beautiful shades, two pastel creme shades and two crelly shades. I was lucky enough to be gifted this collection for my honest review, so they included their base and top coats along with the four polishes in the Vacay Mode Collection

Overall, I was very excited to be testing out a new to me brand, that is also vegan and cruelty-free! I think it's very possible to have clean, healthy and harmless nail polish that is also bright, beautiful and long lasting. Since this was my first time using these polishes, I don't have a wear-time measurement to report, but stop by my Instagram for update to the wear-time on these.

I had no idea what to expect when it came to these polishes and how they would perform, but after a little bit of a learning curve, I was able to figure out the best way to apply these. LONDONTOWN polishes have a thin brush -- so if you dislike Essie brushes, you may find it hard to use these as well. 

Now onto the swatches...

AMALFI LOVE | As soon as I saw this shade, I knew I had to test this out first. Cornflower blues are my vice, and my go-to nail polishes. This particular formula was a bit thicker than I was initially anticipating, so it took me a minute to get used to. Working in thin coats is you friend with 'Amalfi Love' because the polish can pool on the edges, and does dry down very fast. That being said, it level well and this was 2 coats for full coverage.

GUILTY PLEASURE | This is a beautiful hot pink/red crelly polish, and one that I was not expecting to love as much as I do! Colors like this usually don't look that great on me, but 'Guilty Pleasure' is a bit cooler-toned than similar polishes I own. In person this looks a little more pink-leaning, but the camera just could not pick up that color. This was 2 coats, and had a super glossy finish. 

OUT OF OFFICE | 'Out of Office' is a baby pink creme, and is super cute for spring! I used to not have any good baby pink creme shades, and now I feel like I have so many. The formula here is similar to that of Amalfi love. The creme pastel shades a bit thicker than the crelly brighter shades, and I think that's because this polish does dry down very quickly. Again, quick thin coats are you friend with this polish and will prevent pooling and sticky thick coats that never dry. This was 3 thin coats.

SUMMER FLING | Last but not least is this very cool, bright, blue-toned pink crelly shade. This is probably my favorite in the collection, which again was so surprising. Usually my comfort zone is in the pastels, but these bright and squishy looking polishes really knocked my socks off! I loved the ease of application with this polish, no pooling in the cuticles, and 2 easy coats for full coverage!

Final thoughts on the LONDONTOWN Vacay Mode Collection

Wrapping up my thoughts on the LONDONTOWN Vacay Mode Collection, I am ecstatic for the future collections that this brand will put out! I love that this was also only four shades -- big collections are great sometimes, but I can find them overwhelming to review and use up. 

All four of these shades are super springy, and made me feel so happy and warm which is what I love about spring and summer collections. Although the formula was different than I was anticipating, after getting used to the thicker cremes, these applied and leveled out beautifully. 

If you find yourself having trouble with stickier, quick drying polishes, try to apply very thin coats. They will build up nicely, and prevent bald spots (patchiness) and pooling around the nail. 

Each of these are $16 a bottle, and you can purchase them here. What are your favorite spring/summer shades? Let me know what you think of these down in the comments! 

*This post is not sponsored. No affiliate links are used. These products were gifted to me by LONDONTOWN for consideration.*

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