Keith Haring Nail Art

2:51 AM
Hello lovelies!

Not only am I back, but with some nail art that I am so excited about! Today I have these Keith Haring nails came to me in the middle of the day, and although I had just painted my nails, I  had to try this out. 

If you don't know, Keith Haring was an American artist who became popular in New York around the 1980s. His work was inspired by street art, and his lines and movement show that fluidity. His art was and is very political; it often deals with death, sexuality, and war. He was a social activist whose imagery became a language in the 20th century. If you want to learn more about him and his work visit:

I was scrolling through Instagram and China Glaze had re-posted a photo from @Nailstorming of their new Lite Brites collection. This inspiration sparked me to try to recreate the famous Keith Haring image that is in the background.

If you are interested in the colors that I used for this look: White base - Essie: Blanc | Red - Julep: January | Green - China Glaze: Def Defying | Yellow - China Glaze: Happy-Go-Lucky | Blue - Julep: Gunta | Pink/Purple - mix of Essie: Blanc and Sinful Colors: Dream On

Thanks for stopping by and I hope for more cool nail art to come!!

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  1. I really like this nail design and I also got the idea for an interesting nail art :)


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