KL Polish | 70s Vibes Collection & Swatches

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Hello Lovelies! 

Today I'm sharing with you my swatches of the KL Polish fall 70s Vibes collection! (Fun fact from journalism school, it's 70s not 70's, but that's besides the point) 

When I first saw the promo pictures of this collection, I was more than excited -- fall deep tones inspired by one of my fav decades, what more could I ask for? I have to say, this collection was a little more hit or miss which is sad, but I'll get into that. 

Now onto the swatches....

Princess Penny | Let's start off with my favorite color in this collection. This coppery-gold metallic is absolutely beautiful on the nail. As you can see there are brush strokes on this, but that doesn't bother me at all. This was 2 coats.

Cozy in There? | This dusty blue is what I thought I would love most in this collection -- and while it's perfectly nice to apply, it just doesn't pop as much as I would wish on my skin tone. In the photos this looked a little more teal, but this is just a dull blue. This was 2 coats.

Chloe | There is no other color that reminds me of fall more than a nice olive/army green. This shade was beautiful and went on super smooth. This was again 2 coats.

Mozart | This purple shade was the one I least wanted from this collection. For some reason, I am just not drawn to purple nail colors as much as I am to basically every other color. However, this formula on this was nice, and again this is at 2 coats.

Prince Cornelious | WOW this is by far my favorite color in the collection. This is a wine colored polish with beautiful gold flecks in there. This was 2 coats and it looks a little darker here than it does in real life, but it is just gorgeous and I got so many compliments when I wore it to work.

Wishbone | This is a beautiful nude-grey creme polish that looks really beautiful on. This reminds me of an OPI polish I have, but cannot remember the name off the top of my head....This was the toughest formula to work with, I had a lot of flooding in my cuticles and I had to use 3 coats to reach full opacity.

Overall, this collection was a bit of a let down for me, I loved a coulee shades here, but the others aren't calling for me to wear them. Let me know what you think down below, and let me know if you got any or all of these!

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