Zoya | Party Girls Winter and Holiday 2017 Collection Swatches

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I have never been so in love with a dozen nail polish shades, as I am with the gorgeous Zoya Party Girl's winter and holiday collection. Check out my swatches and review below.

I am pumped to be sharing the ~NEW~ Zoya winter and holiday collection "Party Girls" with you all! 

You can purchase these here, each bottle is $10 and big 10 free.

**Products were sent to me fore review **

About the Party Girls Collection

These 12 colors are not your "typical" winter collection, but I can see myself wearing so many of these colors through the holidays, out to events, and ringing in the New Year! They are all bright, vibrant and full of fun -- which I could always use during the gloomy winter months.

I myself am so happy to see a collection like this come out right now, and with that being said onto the swatches.....

Nadia is described as "a build-able, sparking, gingery gold metallic "disco" topper" that you can wear alone or layer on top of other colors. I think there is no better way to describe this color than the aforementioned description haha. I had to build this up with 3 coats for this photo, and you could just barely see my nail line on the middle finger.

Solstice is a sparkling persimmon orange metallic, and a color that I can truly say I do not have a dupe for. I loved the uniqueness of this color, which is not something I can always say about new nail polish collections. You can kind of see the golden flecks on the nail, but they really pop in the light -- which I reflected in the bottle. This was 2 thicker coats.

Tawny is a deep coppery rose sparkling metallic, and I think this shade is really similar to the new KL Polish color in Prince Cornelius. In this shade too, you can see the golden fleck, not sparkle, really pop on the nails. This was an easy 2 coats and the formula and color are perfection on this one.

Ming is "a sexy midtone, scarlet red cream" but to me it is more like a crelly. I am not the biggest fan of red crellys, but if you are drawn into colors like this I would go for Ming. It is a super smooth formula, that went on easy with little to no pooling in the cuticle. As with almost all reds, this will and does stain the nail and skin. This was 2 coats but need 3.

Fallon is a refined pearl, midtone, violet megenta, and BOY did this color shock me. If you know me at all I would never reach for a color like this, but once it was on the nail I was obsessed!! This is a beautiful cranberry shade with the slightest silver, super fine metallic, and it went on smooth and self leveled within minutes. This was 2 coats.

Sheri is another red, described as a "must-have midtone, garnet red cream" This is another that I would call a crelly, and another that I personally probably won't be reaching for. This is a great candy apple red that is perfect for those super Chirstmas-y/Holiday nails though, and I will probably pull it out for some nail art. Again, this will and does stain the nail and skin. This was 2 coats, but needs 3.

Kelsey is a muted cerise pink cream, and I must say this color shocked me. I was expecting this cool-toned pink to go on patchy but it went on without a hitch and actually looked so beautiful on the nail. This was 2 coats for me, but if you have shorter nails you can def get away with 1.

Danielle is a deep, dark periwinkle cream, with a hint of dust in there. Are you ready for this? This was a ONE COATER. You read that right, just one coat on this and you are ready to go. Blues like this are my safety net, I always go for them, but how could you not! Look at it <3

Delaney is a royal multi chromatic metallic polish. It shifts between blue, green and purple in the bottle, but on the nail it just looks like a regular bright purple metallic. I am sad that the chrome in this shade does not show up on the nail, but this is still a nice color. It does not, however, self-level. This was 2 coats.

Landon is a mysterious, deep aubergine cream, or what I like to call Northwestern purple. This is a great purple cream but is not the most unique color. This was 2 coats.

Isadora is a rich, refined pearl in magenta plum. This is a very pretty shade, but it is nothing new in my personal collection. It is a more warmed toned purple with a slivery-blue shimmer inside. This was 2 coats.

Blake is a beautiful deep, refined pearl in sapphire blue. This is a super unique shade for me, in deep deep sapphire with gold shimmer throughout it. To me, this is the most wintery shade -- and I have a dress that matches it -- and I cannot wait to rock this deep blue in the winter. This was 2 easy coats, but it did stain slightly.

These polishes are sold individually, or in sets (A and B) as seen in the photos above. You can purchase the sets here for $60 each.

Let me know down below what colors you love from this collection! 😍😍😍

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