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Kathleen of KathleenLights and KL Polish has launched her new Lips & Tips Collection, teaming up with Colourpop to create six brand new polishes that match her existing lippies. 

So what do I think of the KL Polish Lips & Tips Collection?

Today I am so so excited to be sharing with you my swatches and review of the new KL Polish Lips & Tips collection! This collection is a mix of perfect everyday nudes to match the existing Kathleenlights x ColourPop lip colors!

About the collection:

This box set includes six polishes, and follows the same limited edition box set format that her last collection, the 70s Collection, had, but with a bonus lippie from Colourpop! My shade is in November -- and as the collection states, it perfectly matches the polish.

Do you need the Lips & Tips Collection?

Now, before you say “who needs another nude collection” the answer is you, and let me tell you why I think this collection is right on trend. Not only have bigger nail polish brands (like Essie, Zoya, and Deborah Lippmann just to name a few) put out a nude/neutral/soft collections in the past, but they do it so that their brand has the staple colors that keeps most people coming back.

Kathleen is trying to build her brand, and every nail polish brand has their core set of neutrals and pinks that are the most comfortable to everyday people to wear. My mom would never wear a color from her previous Miami Summer Collection, but she would wear every one of these shades. I commend this move, and I support her growth! Not to mention the formula on these is ah-mazing!

Now you definitely don’t need all of these, but if you’re a nail polish collector like I am, then there is enough of a difference to warrant having the whole set. That being said…..on to the swatches!

Aquarius | Aquarius is a soft pinky nude with a creme finish. This color is the lightest in the collection and is darker and dustier pinky-nude. This was 2 coats for full opacity. In Kathleen’s  YouTube video introducing this collection, she said that she thinks this polish is best worn as 1 coat and sheer as to match the lipstick better. *EDIT -- I originally thought Alyssa was the shade she thought was best worn with 1 coat, but it is Aquarius* 

Lumiere | Lumiere is a super on-trend dusty mauve pink with a creme finish. I love love love this dark dusty mauve that leans dusty cranberry, and I think it is perfect for Thanksgiving. This was 2 coats for full opacity.

Alyssa | Alyssa is a muted pink that's perfect for everyday wear with a creme finish. I actually think Alyssa is more of a crelly, but it is a slightly, every so slightly, lighter dusty mauve-pink than Lumiere. This was 2 coats for pretty good opacity, only a slight nail line showing. 

Do I need Lumiere & Alyssa?
The short answer, no. Like I mentioned above, if you’re not a nail polish collector -- you don’t need all of these. Here are the two next to each other, Lumiere is a touch cooler and darker, while Alyssa leans a bit warmer. I will have a more in depth comparison of all the recent mauvey-pinks that have come out in the last couple releases across many brands coming soon.

November | November is a warm peachy pink that will brighten up any day with a creme finish. This is a little bright for the time of year this came out, but this isn’t trying to be a holiday collection. I can see myself wearing the lippie I got in this color, paired with this polish as soon as the weather turns warm again...This was 2 coats for full opacity. 

Taurus | Taurus, a mid-tone yellow-brown, with a creme finish. Taurus is HANDS DOWN my favorite shade in this collection. Taurus was and is my favorite Colourpop Lippie Stix that I owe, and I was so excited to see this in a nail color! They match perfectly. This was 2 coats for full opacity.

Point Zero | Point Zero is a cool-toned grey-brown with a creme finish. This is the most unique color in this collection, and I really don’t have a color quite like this in my vast collection. This was 2 coats for full opacity.

Overall, this is such a beautiful collection and I love how this brand has grown in the last year! I am proud to have supported them from the start, and I can’t wait to see what collections Kathleen has for us in the future. Did you pick any of these shades up? Will you? Let me know down in the comments!

Like what you see?  Visit www.klpolish.com NOW and pick up your favorite's for 30% off individual shades.

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