Marc Jacobs | Eye-Conic Palettes Review & Look-book

9:28 PM

Hello Lovelies! 

I have been itching to post this for so so long, but turns out my real life job and work picked up right when I got all 6 of these beautiful palettes. 

Today I am sharing my swatches, review and look-book for all 6, yes you read that right, ALL SIX of the Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Palettes. Now, before you go and ask how I dropped $300 of my non-existent makeup funds, the truth is, I won one of those Twitter giveaways that no one ever feels like they can win! 

Now, I'll get into everything about these beauties. 

So the packaging on this is so pretty, but it also shows literally every thing that ever touches it. Also I have fairly long nails, and sometimes it's tough for me to press on the small silver nob that pops the palette open.

Overall, I think they did a great job with this packaging, and I love to keep these on display in my room.


This is probably my favorite palette of the bunch, and if you know me this is probably not a surprise. I love blues and silvers, and I just had so much fun with this palette. There was a bit of fall out with the bright royal blue shade, but to be expected from a neon-bright shade of this caliber.

| provocouture 710 | DUSTY PLUM AND MAGENTA

Not only was I blessed with beautiful natural lighting this day, but pinks have been calling my name recently, and I just LOVED how my version of gothic-pink look turned out.


In the vein of all the warm and fire-inspired palettes (literally there are so many) that have been coming out this year, this palette is beautiful quality (for $50 better be!) and you can make almost all the same looks as you can with say -- the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette .


If you've heard of these palettes, then you've hear everyone rave about this beautiful gold shimmer. Gold seems to be very in these days, and this looks a little like the "Trophy Wife" highlighter from Fenty, both so beautiful. There was a bit of fallout on these, and the forest green really had to be packed on for the pigment -- it was pretty patchy!

| glambition 720 | BARE AND BRONZE

I was not expecting to like this palette, it's pretty simple, and I thought I had to do one everyday look in this bunch of looks. I was pleasantly surprised by this neutral, everyday palette, and I have worn it to work a couple times already. Perfect for an office where full on glam is not acceptable.


Cool-toned purple are in, and if my millennial mind tells me right, this will be the next big color of my generation. I loved the bright purple, but it blends away a bit and loses its pop.

What do you think of all these palettes? I'm just so in love, and I'd been saving up to buy one of these for my birthday and I'm so so blessed to have won them. I cannot thank Marc Jacobs Beauty enough!

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