KL Polish Winter Glamourland, Black & White + Das Esspensive XXVI Swatches and Review

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KL Polish has released a bunch of new polishes over the last couple of months, but since I am on a low-buy, I had to pick up only the few that I knew I would love from the Winter Glamourland Collection, Black & White Collection, and her special birthday shade.

My thoughts on the new KL Polish releases

Hello Lovelies! As I mentioned above, KL Polish has released a bunch of new shades, including a full collection, and two mini releases. I loved the entire KL Polish Winter Glamourland Collection, but I was on a strict budget for the holidays and could not pick up the entire collection. 

The KL Polish also released a Black & White duo, and the second limited addition birthday shade!

Overall, I think they may be coming out with too many polishes and collections for me to keep up with myself, but I am excited to see what their spring collection will bring. 

On to the swatches of KL Polish Winter Glamourland

CASSIOPIEA | This is by far my favorite color in the Winter Glamourland collection, and when I first saw the swatches, I knew I eventually had to pick this up. This is a black-brown base with holographic and silver glitter, very similar to OPIs My Favorite Jet new formula (nothing will ever compare to it's old formula....) This was 2 coats, and I have included other shots to show off the holo.

CENTRAL PARK | This super dark forest green shade is so beautiful, and named after my new city! This looks almost black on the nails in most light, but you can definitely see the tint of green, and it dries super shiny. This was 2 coats for full opacity.

Swatches of KL Polish Black and White

PAPER SNOW | I have been in the market for a nice white polish to use for nail art for a while, so I was excited to pick this up. This is not a one coater like I would like, but it did even out and look super crisp on the nails. This was 2 coats.

TUXEDO MASK | First of all, this name...as a kid I had the biggest crush on the character Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon, now I don't know if this was named after him, but I had to have it even if just for the name. That being said, this is actually a really beautiful 2 coat black polish with a super shiny finish.

Kathleen's special KL Polish Birthday Shade

DAS ESSPENSIVE XXVI | I sadly missed out on the first of KL Polish's special limited addition birthday shades for Kathleen, but I am so happy I picked this topper up. This is a gold jelly base with gold, iridescent and holographic glitters in it. I layer this over black and I think it looks so gorgeous. Pointer finger and ring fingers have 2 coats, middle finger and pinky have 1 coat. 

Final thoughts on the KL Polish new releases 

Overall, I am so happy with all the shades I picked out. I think they are both unique enough to justify my money spent, but I also know they are wearable enough that I will be wearing them throughout all the seasons.

If you've purchased any KL Polish shades, let me know which ones down in the comments below!

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