Zoya Bridal Bliss Collection Swatches and Review

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This February, Zoya has come out with their Bridal Bliss collection, a collection that has everything from “something blue” to delicate shimmers. There is a color for every blushing bride, or anyone attending a wedding quite honestly.

Breaking down the Zoya Bridal Bliss Collection

Hello lovelies! Today I am excited to bring you my swatches and review of the Zoya Bridal Bliss collection. This is a "collection" curated from previously released shades, and one brand new shade, that would be perfect to wear during the upcoming wedding season.

As with all of Zoya's collections, these are all 10 free and cruelty free, which I love love love.

When I first saw the promo pictures for these shades, I thought it was so refreshing to see all these neutral shades, and I think this is such a fun collection! 

So what are you getting? There are 12 polishes (11 previously released + 1 brand new shade) curated into the Bridal Bliss collection, so if you already own a lot of Zoya polishes, you may have some of these already (I know I did). Zoya's Color Specialists curated these shades and say they are perfect for those of you who are engaged, getting married, in a wedding, or still dream of your big day. 

The brand new shade in the Bridal Bliss collection is named Brighton and is described as a full coverage, diamond holographic soft nude.

If you are into neutral shades, work in an office or environment that requires a more low-key nail color, or are actually getting married or are in a bridal party, I do think this is the perfect collection to look through for your perfect go-to shades. 

Now onto the swatches...

BRIGHTON | Let's start with the brand new shade in this collection. As I mentioned above, this is described as a full coverage, diamond holographic soft nude, and I think that description is very spot on. Sadly, as with many holo polishes, it was tough to capture the holographic glitter in my pictures. 

This looks a little too close to my skin tone at the moment, so it is not my favorite, but I think I will give it a try again when I'm a bit tanner. This was 3 coats. 

LEIA | Leia is a sheer opal topper shade, but I wanted to show you it on it's own. Please excuse my bad, bad, nail line, I recently broke a nail and had to glue it back together. If you want to see how this polish layers over other shades, check out my Zoya Kisses review here. 

This is the first of 2 duplicate shades that I had, but I will save the extra for a future giveaway. This was 3 coats.  

MCKENNA | McKenna has a soft white pearl in an almond cream shade. This color is the second of the duplicates I have, and this shade originally cam out in the Zoya Sophisticates collection this past fall. (I did review that whole collection -- if you want to check that out you can here) I loved this shade then, and I love it now. This took 3 coats for full opacity. 

CHANTAL | This is a super creamy peachy vanilla color, and probably my favorite of the bunch in this collection. I was not expecting to like this as much as I do, but the formula is so creamy I just adore it. This was 3 coats for full opacity. 

LORETTA | First of all, again, sorry my nail likes are so strong and a little crazy...but this is an extremely sheer jelly shade, with the slightest cream tint. I personally never wear sheer shades, I think they look weird on my because I have always had very strong and irregular nail lines. However,  I will keep this around as a base for when I want to do nail art that shows my "natural nail" just to make sure it all looks even. This was 3 coats. 

ERIKA | Boy was I so excited to see this beautiful baby pink with a strong gold flash! I love love love this color, and had gotten this polish for a friend named Erika for Christmas, and have been pining after it for ages. This was 3 coats. 

BELLA | This is another super sheer shade, so I will not repeat myself beyond -- this is just not for me personally. I did like how light this pinky shade was, and would recommend it to anyone who wants "my nails but better" since it adds a light wash of color that evens out the nail. This was again 3 coats. 

AVRIL | This is a neutral pink cream with light brown undertones, and I was surprised at how nicely this color looked on the nail! I thought it would come off dustier, but it is a very neutral pink that would be perfect to wear to a wedding you were just attending. This was 2 coats. 

RUE | So based off of the promo pics, I thought this would be much more cream than blush, but as you can see it is very much more blush than cream. This is a deeper shade that Avril, but within the same family. I loved this shade, and I would wear it to formal occasions through the spring/fall seasons. This as 2 coats. 

ABBY | This is not your typical bridal color, but I love this super light violet. It is much more vibrant than I would have guessed, but the formula was super smooth and this went on with 2 super easy coats. I think this is a beautiful spring shade, and could see myself wearing this to weddings throughout the spring and summer!

BLU | There always has to be something blue...That being said this is a beautiful baby blue shade, and something I would have loved to have worn to my sisters wedding (her colors were light blue and brown) Again, their cream formula is so great, this was 2 coats. 

SNOW WHITE |  Last but not least, the perfect white cream. You're probably supposed to wear this for French tips, but those have never looked good on me for the same reason I never wear sheer polish, my nail lines are uneven. This is a super pigmented white, and very very bright. This was 2 coats (may need a 3rd depending on how thick you layer each coat). 

Final thoughts on the Zoya Bridal Bliss Collection

Well, that was a lot of polishes, but I have to say I was impressed! I don't personally seek out many neutral and sheer shades because I love to wear bold colors on my nails, but I did think this was a very sophisticated and fresh collection. The Zoya Bridal Bliss collection is def an unexpected hit for me, and there are only a few shades I'm considering passing on to friends. 

You can buy all of these shades now for $10/each here.

What do you guys think? Are any of you heading to any weddings in the near future? If you are, which of these shades would you want to wear? Let me know down in the comments below!

This post is not sponsored. No affiliate links are used. 
These products were gifted to me by Zoya for consideration.

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