Cherry Blossom Nail Art 🌸

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It's Cherry Blossom season, with festivals in Japan and Washington D.C., so I thought I would celebrate with a beautiful, cherry blossom nail art mani! 

Cherry Blossom Nail Art 

Hello lovelies! Today I am so SO excited to be sharing this beautiful Cherry Blossom nail art mani! I was so inspired by all the photos I was seeing on social media of the Cherry Blossom festival in Washington D.C., that I had to create this look. 

It's on my bucket list to make it to see the cherry blossoms at least once in my life, in D.C. but preferably in Japan, however for now I will have to settle for just having these beauties on my nails. 

Products used

- Base: KL Polish 'Pinky' from the KL Polish Ethereal Garden Collection
- Flowers: Zoya 'Brandi' from the Zoya Thrive Collection
- Tree/branches: Zoya 'Elaine' from the Zoya Sophisticates Collection 
- Brush:  Princeton Summit Liner Brush in Size 1 (buy it here)

The How-To

I started out this look with three coats of KL Polish 'Pinky' as the base. I love the jelly nature of this polish, and even though it leaves a bit of a nail line I knew I would cover that up with the flowers.

Next, I painted on the little cherry blossoms, using Zoya 'Brandi', scattered across my nails. I looked at a picture of cherry blossom blooms, and tried to mimic a specific branch to make it look natural. When you re-create this look, make sure you mix it up and do some full blooms, some side blooms, and some just budding flowers so that it looks more realistic and less like a generic sticker (unless that's the look you're going for!).

Lastly, I went in with my thin liner brush and Zoya 'Elaine' to outline the cherry blossoms, then connected them all with branches. I topped it off with a glossy top coat and just love how these came out!

I think the final look is so delicate and cute for spring, and I know I will be sad to take them off. Let me know what you think down below, and be sure to tag me in any of your recreations!

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