Sally Hansen x Crayola Glam Rock Collection Swatches and Review

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This winter Sally Hansen released the next installment of their Crayola collaboration. This is the Glam Rock collection - and if you want to find these shades you may have to do a little hunting. 

My thoughts on the Sally Hansen x Crayola Glam Rock Collection

Hello lovelies! Today I have my swatches and review of the Sally Hansen x Crayola Glam Rock Collection. After months of hunting down these elusive polishes at every single Walgreen/Duane Reade I could find, I finally got my hands on all 12 of the brand new shades.

I have to say, Sally Hansen has made it so hard for me (and a lot of my other nail polish blogging friends) to find these Crayola collabs... I'm not sure why that's the case, because people obviously love these! I couldn't find anything about the collection besides a few posts on the Sally Hansen instagram, and I happened to just find these polishes at Face Values (a tri-state Bed Bath & Beyond spin-off that sells beauty products). It's hard-to-find nature is the only flaw of this collection because I loved every shade.

This collection is made up of 12 new shades, they are not metallic as many people have thought or described them as, but more silver shimmer shades. These really match the crayons that they are paired with -- so if you've ever seen "metallic crayola crayons" you can get an idea of what these polishes look like.

Now onto the swatches of the Sally Hansen x Crayola Glam Rock Collection

RAZZMIC BERRY | Razzmic Berry is a deep purple filled with silver micro shimmer. This is super pigmented and lives up to the 1-coat formula that Sally Hansen Insta-Dri claims!

SHIMMERING BLUSH | Up next we have Shimmering Blush, which is a raspberry pinky-red polish, and filled with silver shimmer. You could get away with 1 coat here, but I did 2 and it built up the color a little bit more.

BIG DIP O’RUBY | Big Dip O’Ruby is a rusty-red shade with the same silver shimmer packed inside. I’m not sure what the inspiration for the name is, but this is probably my least favorite color from this collection. That being said, it was perfect in 1 coat.

BITTERSWEET SHIMMER | Bittersweet Shimmer is a bright red shade that reminds me of summertime. This also has those silver micro-shimmers inside. On the first coat this was just a tad sheer, but built up beautifully in 2 coats.

ALLOY ORANGE | Next we have Alloy Orange, just a straight mid-toned orange polish with the silver shimmer packed in. This was another polish that was just a tad sheer on the first coat, but built up to full opacity in 2 coats.

METALLIC SUNBURST | Metallic Sunburst is a gorgeous yellowy-gold polish filled with the silver shimmer. This is the one polish in this collection that looks like a metallic shade – and this is my favorite in the collection! Being a yellow, it was no surprise it took 2 coats for full opacity.

SHEEN GREEN | Sheen Green is a really pretty grassy-green shade with the silver shimmer. I truly have nothing like this in my massive collection, and I love how springy this polish feels! This was very pigmented, but I had a few little patches so I was happy with 2 coats.

METALLIC SEAWEED | From looking on the Sally Hansen website, I thought Metallic Seaweed would be a dark green shade, but it’s actually a beautiful dark-teal shade paired with the silver shimmer. This has a gorgeous 1-coat formula.

B’DAZZLED BLUE | B’Dazzled Blue is my second favorite shade in the Glam Rock Collection, and it’s a deep jean-colored blue with the silver shimmer. I love love love this polish! This one also has a really nice 1-coat formula.

SONIC SILVER | Sonic Silver is your classic silver polish. This one looks a little more metallic than the others as well, but I wouldn’t say you need this if you have any other silvers in your collection. I got full opacity in 2 coats.

DEEP SPACE SPARKLE | I thought Deep Space Sparkle and Sonic Silver were going to look exactly the same – and they are close, but not dupes! I actually adore Deep Space Sparkle; it’s a really nice deep silver with a hint of blurple. I got full opacity in 2 coats.

BLAST OFF BRONZE | Blast Off Bronze is less a bronze, than a brown shade packed with the silver shimmer. I thought I was going to hate this one, but it actually looks pretty nice on me. Yet again, a great 1-coat formula.

Final Thoughts on the Sally Hansen x Crayola Glam Rock Collection

Overall, I am happy that I finally got my hands on all of these! There are a few that I love so much, particularly Metallic Sunburst and B’Dazzled Blue.

I don’t think you need to pick all of these up, especially because all the reds are pretty similar. To the average person, you probably couldn’t tell the difference.  But the ones that are worth picking up are the unique shades like the green and teal!.

Lastly, I am not pleased with how little information there is out there on these, and I wish that Sally Hansen would do a better job of stocking and informing everyone about these Crayola releases!

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