Zoya Innocence Collection Swatches & Review [Spring 2019]

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Introducing INNOCENCE, the newest collection by Zoya for Spring 2019 that is evocative of nature and the transitions from Winter to Summer. Complete with its own thunderstorm in the color Theo, this collection is stormy and subtle, yet features a touch of brightness and softness. 

My Thoughts on the Zoya Innocence Collection for Spring 2019 

Hello lovelies! Today I have the gorgeous Zoya Innocence Collection to swatch and review for you, and I honestly can't believe we are already heading into spring collections!

The Innocence Collection is the newest collection by Zoya for Spring 2019 that is evocative of nature and the transitions from Winter to Summer. This collection is made up of 6-all-new shades for spring, 4 creme polishes, 1 shimmer, and 1 super unique shimmer/glitter/flakie polish!

There are a lot of polishes in this collection that I thought would be really similar to other Zoya polishes. They all turned out to be pretty different, but would you guys want to see comparisons of some of these? Let me know in the comments!

You can already find all of these polishes on Zoya.com, so be sure to pick up your favorites today!

Swatches of the Zoya Innocence Collection

AGNES | Agnes is a warm-toned muted blush creme, and we all know by now that Zoya is amazing at creating the perfect nude shade. This polish has a gorgeous formula like all the nudes before it, and if this shade is up your ally I would say pick it up! I got this fully opaque in 2 coats.

BIRCH | Birch is a greiged lavender creme, and is a really pretty shade for that transition out of winter. I was surprised that I didn't have anything close to this in my collection, and it made me love this light purple even more. Again, Zoya's cremes are always on-point and I had full opacity in 2 coats.

EVETTE | Evette is a grape purple creme, with a pinky undertone. This is another polish that surprised me by being very different than anything I have in my collection. This purple is super vibrant and opaque in 1 or 2 coats (depending on your application).

AIRE | Aire is a deep, dusty royal blue creme -- and one that I thought would be really similar to Zoya Danielle. Again, I was wrong about this polish, and it is definitely darker and dustier than Danielle! I got this opaque in 2 coats.

FERN | Fern is a gorgeous dusty sage polish with a cool-toned gold pearlescent shimmer throughout it. The shimmer is stronger in the bottle, but you can still see the flash of gold on the nail. I love the color of this, and the formula performed great with full opacity at 2 coats.

THEO | Theo is THE standout polish of the Zoya Innocence Collection. This is a grey jelly polish, jam-packed with blue glitter, black circular glitter, and white/silver flakies and perfectly captures the thunderstorm feel that Zoya was going for. This was 2 coats for full opacity.

I am SO SO SO happy that Zoya created this polish! I have seen so many people say this is not their kind of color, but I love the look of this on my nails! I cannot wait to see what other fun polishes Zoya comes out with in upcoming collections!

Final Thoughts on the Zoya Innocence Collection

Overall, I love how unique this collection is - I am so happy that Zoya did not go for the easy pastel shades that other mainstream brands have been known to go for.

I love all of these but my favorite is Fern -- for sure -- and have to give a shout out to Theo.

If you want to pick any of these up, you can find them on Zoya's website: here for $9 each, or at your local retailers!

*This post is not sponsored. No affiliate links are used. These products were gifted to me by ZOYA for consideration.*

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