Zoya Sensual Collection Swatch Comparisons [Fall 2019]

Wondering if you need any/all of the brand new Zoya Sensual Collection polishes? Well keep reading to see my swatch comparisons, and you can be the final judge.

Zoya Sensual Collection Swatch Comparisons

Hello lovelies! Today I am trying out something new for the first time. I hope this is something I can continue to do -- and it is greatly inspired by the wonderful Walker over at Olive Ave Nails!

So, what is this new idea? Well, I will be swatching all the new collections and polishes I get in one post, then (if I have enough polishes from that brand) I will post a follow up blog with my swatch comparisons!

Today I have seven polishes from the new Zoya Sensual Collection for Fall 2019, and I hope these help you decide if you need any of these, or if you think you have a polish that is too similar to warrant a close dupe. That being said, I do love all of these Zoya polishes so if your heart desires it -- go for it!

Now onto the swatches...

JOSS || I compared Joss with Avril, Rue and Carson, and as you can see -- none of these are a real dupe. I has someone ask me about Avril, and I will say it is probably the closest to Joss, but lighter and paler.

KINSLEY || I compared Kinsey to Carson, Amanda and Spencer. Again, here I didn't find any dupes. They all looked much closer in the bottle than on the nail. In Kinsley you can definitely see the pinky undertones compared to Spencer that is cooler.

BRIAR || Up next I compared Briar to Liza, Hera and Padma. I was CERTAIN that I had a dupe, but I was duped myself! Briar is definitely more red-toned than Hera or Padma, which I thought would be super close. 

MARGARET || I compared Margaret to Carmen and Ming, two of my favorite cooler-toned reds. I thinks Margaret is really, really, close to Ming -- but Margaret has a better creamy formula hands down. 

ETTA || I compared Etta to Jem and Isadora. I didn't think either of these would be a full-on-dupe, but I wanted to show you guys what they looked like since they are in the family family!

RIPLEY || Up next, I have Ripley compared with Rie and Donnie. I really thought that I was going to find an exact dupe for Ripley with all the warm mid-toned purples that Zoya has been putting out as of late, but I was so surprised to see that Ripley is pretty significantly deeper than Rie, and a little less pink than Donnie.

ELLIOT || I compared Elliot with by only deep blues, Ryan and Hadley (which is actually more green). These are definitely not dupes, Ryan is almost black, and with Elliot you can really see that it's a deep navy blue, however, I do not think you need both - or all - of these because in real life they look so similar.

Final thoughts on the Zoya Sensual Collection Swatch Comparisons

So what do you all think? Do you need them all? I don't think I have any exact dupes for these new Sensual Collection polishes within in my full Zoya collection, but I find it super helpful to see my new polishes compared to ones I already own.

For me, I think I could live without Briar, but that is just because I never wear shades like that (so I the polishes I have that are similar already don’t get worn enough). As always, only you know if you need a certain color, but I think if you are just the average nail polish user and  you have one or a handful of the polishes that I compared here, I really don’t think you need to run out an buy these.

That being said, there are some real beauties and special polishes in the Sensual Collection – so please head over to my full review for those because I think they are worth your coin!

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