Press Release | Zoya Naturel 5 [Transitional 2022]

1:44 AM

Introducing the newest installment from the Naturel family – Naturel 5

Colors and Descriptions of the Zoya Naturel 5 Collection

Hello everyone! I am here to share the latest edition to Zoya's Naturel family -- Naturel 5! I always love these nice pallet cleanser polishes from Zoya and I hope you all do too! 

This arrangement evokes brightness to the classic neutral with beautiful pink undertones, while still feeling very relaxed. It is easy to find your perfect shade with these warm, inviting, and effortless colors – perfect for any occasion. 

Now into the polishes...These will be available for purchase January 14th, 2022

CHELSEA | Can best be described as a powdered blush cream.

SUTTON | Can best be described as a muted pinky-nude cream.

EVAN | Can best be described as a softened saddle cream.

PARKER | Can best be described as a warm greige.

ELYSE | Can best be described as a gentle aubergine cream.

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