Illamasqua Launch at Bloomingdales Chicago

Hello ladies! Tonight I have a post for you about the launch of the Illamasqua counter at Bloomingdales in Chicago!

I was lucky enough to get to interview the founder of the fastest growing make-up brand to date. Julian Kynaston of the UK did not set out to start a make-up company, he set out to be a breakout company in the hardest industry to infiltrate and that he did.

This company is unlike any other high-end makeup brand, they have built their empire without the use of advertising. Illamasqua uses social media and people like me to spread the word about their wonderful products. Not only that, but they don't follow the make-up world norms for seasons, as you can tell by the green lipstick that is part of their fall collection The Sacred Hour. Julian told me he wants women to venture out of their comfortable look with Illamasqua products, after all you can always wash it off...

I'm not going to give too much away because I have an upcoming tutorial with their fall make-up collection, but here is a preview of the the collection.

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