I'm Back With China Glaze Halloween 2014: Apocalypse of Colour Collection

Hello ladies! Now that my summer is over and I've settled into school, I'm finally back to blogging! I know it's been a roller coaster of a ride, and if you've stuck with me I bless you. I will have regular content again, which I am super excited for and today I start back with a review of China Glaze's Apocalypse of Colour Collection.

Now I love Halloween and hope to get a Halloween inspired mani up this week, but I just love the colors China Glaze has come out with this year! 

But of Corps is a sand textured polish with a metallic green base and silver shimmer. It has black micro glitter that give it a little bit of texture and it dries matte. I thought the formula was great, two easy coats to get even coverage, but I'm not sure if I'm a fan of the textured outcome. I've mentioned before I love a smooth finish. 

I Love Your Guts is the pink sister of But of Corps. This pinkish-red metallic base infused the same silver shimmer and black micro-glitter that But of Corps did. The only difference between the two is the color so it's up to one's preference which is more appealing. 

Rest in Pieces is my favorite that I'm showcasing tonight. I chose not to layer it over any polish because I just love love love to see all the different kinds of glitter it contains! From large hex black glitter, to gold and rainbow bar glitter, to halo medium and micro-glitter with orange hints, this polish is perfect for toping off any Halloween mani. It did take a while to dry, and was base heavy so i had to gather glitter on my brush and generously apply it, but it still turned out great!

Don't Let the Dead Bite is a light pink jelly with hot pink circle and bar glitter and red hex glitter. This was an interesting look for me, I feel it it more Valentines day than Halloween but I think it give this spooky season a sweet side and would pair great with some girly costumes. 

Getting to Gnaw You is a classic, dark brown glitter polish, basically everything I love in a Halloween color. I applied two coats that dried super quickly, and I loved that the copper medium to small glitter came out evenly without me having to drag it out like Rest in Pieces. 

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