Book Review: In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

I picked up this book because a friend of mine brought it abroad to Greece and basically my entire program took turns reading it.

This was a nonfiction book I've wanted to read for a while but just haven't gotten around to it.

In Cold Blood is about the cold-blooded murder of the Clutter family in Kansas, and Truman Capote goes through the events from both the family's point of view, the killers, the police, and the towns people.

It really took me a while to get into this book, and the ending was an absolute drag. However, this story is extremely interesting and I loved the whole middle part of the book.

I'm torn on how to rate this book because te middle was so good, but the beginning and end just were so hard for me to get through. Capote was a journalist, as am I, and you could really tell that from the detail in the "reporting" that he was able to get at the time. This did hinder the creative writing style (in my opinion) especially at the end while the murderers are on trial.

I loved how Capote was able to intertwine the information from all the people that the Clutter's seemed to touch in their town, the only think I wished for was some dialogue or conversation with the older members of the Clutter family, and what they were going through.

Overall, it was worth it for me to read especially because I truly enjoy true crime books but the way in which this one was written made it very difficult for me to absolutly love.

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