🍩Donut Nail Art🍩

11:00 AM

Today I got brunch with an old friend, and after breakfast, we decided that we wanted to sit around and keep catching up. We walked down the block to the famous Stan's Donut's to pick up a couple, and then chat away at a back table for another hour.

The bag, the pink interior, the donuts; all of it was the inspiration for this donut nail art to get me back in the nail art game.


Colors I Used:

I used China Glaze's Feel The Breeze as the base, it took 2 coats to be opaque. I mixed Essie, Blanc and Little Brown Dress for the donut. I wish that I had a warmer brown, but I surprisingly couldn't find one in my collection, so I did my best. I finished it up with white icing and sprinkles made from China Glaze's Yellow Fizz, and a mixture of Feel the Breeze and Blanc.

I love the way it turned out, despite the too dark donut, but with the icing and sprinkles to cover it up, I think it looks great. My favorite would have to be my thumb :)

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