🦄 Unicorns are Real | Nail Art

10:26 AM

Hello Unicorns!

Today I have this super cute unicorn nail art that I was dying to create for days. I was inspired by this beautiful pink/green duo-chrome IsaDora nail polish in Amythst that my dad got while he was abroad in Europe. I have no idea if you can still buy this color, but it's 90s vibe over the shimmery silver OPI Go To Grayt Lengths just took me back to my childhood. 

For the actual unicorn, I used a black and white striper polish from China Glaze, and then Essie Play Date and then China Glaze's Feel The breeze. This unicorn design was inspired by La Paillette Frondeuse's dry brush unicorn look.

Sadly, it was so hard to capture the different tones in this nail polish, but in the sunlight, it changes to a light seafoam green that you can see hints of in the bottle :) 

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