Colour Pop | Blow Me Away Palette

12:40 AM

Earlier this month when Colour Pop had free shipping on any order, I just couldn't help myself from buying this beautiful peachy palette! 

After seeing all the swatches of all three of the spring collections, I knew that the Blow Me Away palette was the most unique, and the one I wanted to play with the most.

These beautiful peachy colors are my first experience with Colour Pop's pressed shadows. I'd heard that they were smaller pans than other places, and that the packaging was bulky (which is all true), but I still loved these, and plan on getting more, and a magnetized palette for these soon. 

This quad was $18, making each shadow $4 each. My favorite has to be Slim Fit, it is unlike anything I have seen around. It also came with two other matte shadows, Centerfold and Issues, and one shimmer shade called Take A Break.

As you can see, surprise! I have a tattoo! And a great thing about that is that it shows the pigmentation of the shadows super well over the black lines. I swatched each color with a small brush (right of the text) and with my finger (left of the text).

Issues almost matches my skin tone perfectly, and I think will make the perfect crease color for me, but I am just so ~jazzed~ about how bright and pigmented Slim Fit and Centerfold are.

There was a little bit of fall-out on these shadows, but I think the color payoff was great. I haven't played with these on my eyes, since it's been far too cold in the last two days, but with warmer weather around the corner, I can't wait to share a springy look with you guys!

And just for fun, my nails right now match! I'm sporting China Glaze's Peachy Keen, which is an oldie but a goodie for the spring months here in Chicago.

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