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Aloha Cuties!
With senior year behind me, I forsee many brunches to come. I'm starting it out with my review of Mahalo;

" a multi-faceted Modern Hawaiian Kitchen
located in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago. 
Our modern design and Hawaiian surf shack feel
take you away to an island paradise." - Mahalo Chicago

This modernized Polynesian-Asian restaurant has been blowing up my Instagram feed for a while now, so last weekend I made a trip down there with some old friends.

I loved this place, the decor and vibe truly makes you feel like you're on an island (which I was in desperate need of) and the swings were super fun. The white wash paint makes the entire restaurant feel bright and airy, and with accent colors like aqua, soft yellow, and millennial pink sand in candle holders, everywhere you look there is an "Instagramable background".

We all got mimosas, because what is brunch without a mimosa? The yellow ones are pineapple mimosas, and the orange is actually a guava bellini. Each of these was $8 without any free refills, so naturally on a post-grad budget, we all only had one. 

Their brunch menu is filled with everything from bacon and egg muffins, pancakes, omelets, and (my personal favorite) Pokè Bowls; there is a little bit of something for everyone with a slight Polynesian twist.

Mahalo is definitely a little pricey, but everyone deserves to treat themselves every once in a while and the experience is totally worth it.

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