Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette Swatches, Demo & Review

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Are you stuck not knowing what looks to do with your Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette? I was too, but fear not -- I have three looks that you can recreate using this holiday palette. 

My thoughts on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette

About the pallete

This is a luxe holiday eye shadow collection from Anastasia Beverly Hills.  It has 14 shades that range from universal neutrals to prismatic metallics. The fourteen shades include ultra-matte, duo chrome, and metallic finishes, and it comes with a dual ended brush. 

I love the packaging on this palette, black and gold is so elegant and sleek. This palette has the same velvet outer packaging, and since it is black, it hasn't gotten dirty for me. 

ABH Prism Palette

The shades and swatches

I have to admit, this holiday palette really stepped outside of the norms in regards to the types of palettes that were coming out this past winter. Anastasia Beverly Hills really stepped out of the box when selecting these shades, and I think that veering away from the neutral to warm palette did them well. While there are a lot of neutrals here, they are cool-toned and I think they pair wonderfully with the pops of color in this palette.

I know there was a lot of hoopla with the 'Subculture' palette, but I have to say most of the shades in this Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism palette were up to par with my ABH Modern Renaissance palette.

The only color that I had some real trouble with was 'Osiris'. As much as I wanted the beautiful royal blue shade to work out for me, it just went on so patchy and would not stay put on the eye.

As you can imagine, the neon green/yellow 'Sphere' is very powdery and goes on sheer, but with a little bit or persistence (or a good sticky and opaque concealer) it showed up just great on my eyes.

The looks

I put together three looks that I thought would emulate three different occasions, and what I would do if I were using the Anastasia Beverly Hills palette for said events.

Just a reminder, I am not a makeup artist. I have never studied makeup or anything, I am just your average girl who buys more makeup than she can use and this is how I would use this palette.

Look #1 Night Out

This first look I put together would be a go-to look for me for a night out in Manhattan. I started out with 'Lure', the taupey-mauve, in the crease and then added the deep brown 'Parallel' to the outer v.

Next I packed on (as best I could) 'Osiris' to the center of the lid, and then added 'Pyramid' to the inner corner.

I brought 'Lure' and 'Parallel' down below the lower lashes to smoke out the look and bring it all together, and then popped a bit of 'Lucid' to the lower lash to connect it it the inner corner.

Look #2 Adventurous 

Now, I don't know when I would actually wear this look out, but I think if I were feeling adventurous, I would just wear it around a normal day in the city. Since I live in New York, it's not abnormal to see people rocking some eccentric looks.

I started out with building up a lot, and I mean a lot, of 'Sphere' in my crease and outer v. I knew that I wanted this to be a two-toned look so I really focused on getting the vivid neon shade to pop in those spaces. I even brought the eyeshadow down just a bit to my lower outer corner.

Next, I did a cut crease using the shade 'Throne', probably my favorite color in the palette. I was so soft, so pigmented, and looked beautiful on the eye. I did go back and forth between the two to get a nice fade, so don't be afraid of blending.

Look #3 Daytime/Office

For this daytime office look, I wanted to show you that you could really use this palette as an everyday palette, and you don't have to be scared off by the pops of color.

I started out with setting my lid with 'Unity' the bone shade in the palette. I then went to deepen the crease by using 'Parallel'.

I wanted to create a shimmer gradient, so I started with a little bit of 'Pyramid' on the inner third, and 'Sphinx' in the outer v. I then went into 'Eternal' and popped that to the center of my lid. And after a lot of blending back and for, got it to fade pretty nicely.

Final thoughts on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette

Overall, for my second ever Anastasia Beverly Hills purchase, I do enjoy this palette. Do I wish some of the colors were easier to use on the lid, and do I with the metallics didn't seem to seal up on me? Yes of course, but I am still able to use this palette and I definitely will be reaching for it when I am feeling like doing a really fun look. 

Do you have this palette? Let me know down in the comments which shades you like best! 

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