Foggy Forest Winter Ombre Nail Art

12:00 PM
Trying to find new and innovative ways to wear ombré nails this winter season is not always easy, but recreate this foggy forest mani and have the chicest nails around the office.

Today's mani was inspired by this beautiful photo I saw on Pinterest. I just knew I had to try and recreate it on my nails because I thought it would be the perfect winter ombré look.

I started this look out with three coats of China Glaze 'Dandy Lion Around' which is a sheer white polish with micro glitter throughout. It came out in a spring collection, but I love using this color in nail art because it can be mixed with shades dilute them, and it can act as snow for winter scenes.

Jackiemontt Foggy Forest Winter Ombre Nail Art

Next I went in with a fine detail brush, and I started each nail with the lightest color which was Essie 'Maximillion Strasse-her' and painted on blurry trees in the background. Next I mixed a little bit of Essie 'Going Incognito' with 'Maximillion Strasse-her' and created the next layer of trees. 

Then, I took Zoya 'Hadley' which is a dark dark blue, almost black, and made the most detailed trees as the next layer. Lastly, I went in with straight 'Going Incognito', and a little bit of 'Going Incognito' mixed with 'Hadley' for the foreground. 

Jackiemontt Foggy Forest Winter Ombre Nail Art

I added thin lines of 'Maximillion Strasse-her' to define the trees, and I absolutely love the way this came out!

Jackiemontt Foggy Forest Winter Ombre Nail Art

Let me know if you recreate this look down in the comments, and be sure to tag me if you do!

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