Zoya Sunshine Collection Summer 2018

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Say hello to SUNSHINE! Zoya’s newest assortment of bright and easy to wear shades ranging from creams to holographic toppers, sure to put a smile on your face any Summer’s Day. Zoya's Sunshine Summer 2018 collection drops on May 1st.

My Thoughts on the Zoya Sunshine Collection

Hello lovelies! Today I am sharing the beautiful Zoya Sunshine collection, Zoya's summer 2018 collection. This sunshine inspired collection is made up of 12 brand new shades -- two of which are "Unicorn Kisses" toppers that are super gorgeous. 

As with all of Zoya's collections, these polishes are 10 free, cruelty free, and have an amazing formula, all of which are part of the reason that Zoya is my favorite mainstream brand! 

This collection is a pink and red heavy collection -- and as someone that doesn't really wear pinks that often I was sad to see the beautiful Zoya blues and greens not included in this, but I was also so pleasantly surprised by a couple of these! That being said, some of those bright colors were tough to capture on camera, but I think most photos came out true to color, and anything that is a bit off will be noted. 

So what you get in this collection is a majority of creme polishes, two shimmers, and two Unicorn Kisses toppers. 

But now onto the swatches... 

NAHLA | First up we have Nahla, the first of the two Unicorn Kisses toppers. This is a golden and warm beautiful glitter topper and with a name like that, how could this not make you think of Lion King? I love this shade so much. I found that this topper, as well as the other in this collection, were much thicker of toppers than the ones included in previous collections (like Leia or Leisel). This was 3 coats, and it was super easy to fish those bigger glitters out.

JACK | Next I have Jack, a neutral beige color. I was excited to see this because of course my name is Jackie and all my friends call me Jack! I was sad that this was probably my least favorite in the collection, one because for a summer polish, it was not as exciting as the other colors for me. And two, I think I got a wonky brush with this one because it did not apply well at all. I did 3 coats, but I think it was because the brush kept making this polish streaky.

POTENTIAL DUPES | Zoya has come out with two other similar nudes since last fall, so I wanted to see how they compared. As you can see from the picture, Zoya 'Chantal' from the Bridal Collection, and Zoya 'McKenna' from the Sophisticates Collection are close, but not exact dupes.

Chantal is slightly more orangey and warm toned, while Jack is def cooler toned. McKenna has a slight silver shimmer throughout, and Jackie is just a creme shade.

CLEMENTINE | Clementine is a bright coral shade with pink and champagne shimmer throughout. This was not my favorite color-wise, I think it just made my fingers look kind of dirty. I do think if you have a lighter or darker completion, this would look beautiful, but us in-between are out of luck (in my opinion) with this shade. The formula was great however, and this was 3 thin coats, with no pooling or goopyness.

MINNIE | Minnie is a bright coral creme, and this formula was just as great as every other Zoya creme. This color came off a bit brighter in the pictures than it looks in real life, but again I just think this color unflattering on me. With the great formula, this was an easy 2 coats.

VIRGINIA | This polish is described as a juicy red coral, but to me this is just a bright beautiful red! I feel like there is a hint of coral in there, and a very white based polish. I was so surprised that I loved this shade, and I wore it immediately after swatches all of these. This was such a fun twist on a "coral" and it went on super smooth in 2  thin coats.

MARIGOLD | This is such an interesting color, and I don't think I have anything like this in my collection. Marigold is an red crelly base with bright orange micro-shimmer throughout. This polish was so hard to capture on camera, but it's truly gorgeous. This was another easy 2 coater

KAREN | I didn't think this poppy red would be anything special, but Karen went on like butter. Is that the right term to use here? Either way, for a red, that is so hard to come by! It is so glossy, but not too watery. It's a gorgeous red, and went on with 3 think coats

POTENTIAL DUPES |  Initially, I thought that this was going to be exactly the same as Zoya 'Ming' from the Party Girls Collection, but it's a bit brighter. Do you need both? No, but you decided which is more your style.

ELLIE | Ellie is a deep raspberry crelly and a really gorgeous color for summer. This is another shade that I don't wear myself, but will pass on to my mom who loves shades like this. This was 2 coats for full opacity

POTENTIAL DUPES | I wanted to compare Ellie with Zoya 'Kelsey' from the Party Girls Collection, and I think these are the closest dupes that I came across. Ellie is slightly darker, but you definitely don't need both of these.

SANDY | The second stunner for me in this collection was Sandy. I usually don't like Barbie pinks, but I thought that this shade was so cute and the formula was amazing! It was super glossy, and went on so easily with 2 coats

POTENTIAL DUPES | Looking at the bottle, I thought that Sandy was going to be an almost dupe for Zoya 'Princess' from the Kisses Collection, with Princess being a full on jelly and Sandy being a creme, but even the shades on these were off. Sandy is lighter and brighter, and Princess is a darker jelly.

MISSY | A lot of great pinks have been coming out between the spring and summer collections this year, and we can add Missy to the mix. Missy is a light flamingo bubblegum pink with a great creme formula. I was able to get this in 3 thin coats.

DELIA | Delia is a really really pretty amethyst creme, and for so long I was looking for a shade like this that had a great formula. This was not streaky, at all and self leveled to this gorgeous glossy finish in just 2 coats.

SALDANA | Saldana is the second absolutely beautiful topper, and I love it just as much as Nahla. Saldana is a buildable, cotton-candy blue holographic topper with hints of pink and blue colored glitter. Again, great formula for a topper, and a lot thicker than the toppers in the recent collections. This was 3 coats but you can see a little nail line still. 

'Nahla' and 'Saldana' are my must-buy shades of the Zoya Sunshine collection

Final thoughts on the Zoya Sunshine Collection 

That's it for swatches, and I have to say if there are colors in this collection that you have been longing for -- these formulas are just amazing.

You can pick up any of these shades starting May first at zoya.com, each bottle is $10 as normal.

I don't think this is the most unique collection around, mostly because so many pinks and red have been made in the past, but the two toppers 'Nahla' and 'Saldana' are my must-buy shades of the Zoya Sunshine collection. 

Which shades are your favorites, and are you going to pick any of these up? Let me know down below!

*This post is not sponsored. No affiliate links are used. These products were gifted to me by ZOYA for consideration.*

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