60s Wave Nail Art Tutorial

11:21 AM
I created this 60s inspired nail art with the new Zoya Sunshine Collection - available now!

60s Inspired Nail Art

Hello lovelies! Today I am so excited to be sharing this 60s Wave nail art!

As I was perusing my Zoya collection, I was drawn to use a handful of their new Sunshine Collection to create a fun, Mod, look.

This mani makes me feel like I'm coming straight out of the 60s, and if you want to recreate this look, keep reading!

Products Used

As I mentioned above, I was inspired to use colors from the new Zoya Sunshine Collection, so all of these are a part of their new releases.

  • Base: Zoya 'Jack'
  • Pink: Zoya 'Missy'
  • Purple: Zoya 'Delia' 
  • Red: Zoya 'Virginia'
  • Glitter: Zoya 'Nahla' 

The How-To 

If you want to recreate this look, I took step by step photos for you to follow along!

Step 1

This first step is super easy, I started out with a base of 'Jack', a beautiful, peachy nude shade.

Step 2

Next, I used a fine liner brush to trace a squiggle of 'Delia', vertically on my nails, leaving 2/3 of my nail space blank to the right. This will be the base shape for all the other colors, so make sure you take your time here, and leave space for there to be a strip of the nude color in the center of this design.

I then filled in the space to the left of the squiggle.

Step 3 

Next you will map out the right third of the desing. Using 'Missy', mimic the wave created with 'Delia', and fill in the space to the right.

**Note: most of these will take some building up for full opacity, but let each later completely dry been coats**

Step 4

To finish up the right side, follow the shape you've created with the last shade - 'Virginia'.

Step 5

Last but not least, I used 'Nahla' to round out the left side. Because this is a gold glitter polish, you may have to build it up in multiple coats.

Finish off with a nice topcoat, and that's the final look! It takes a little finessing to get the edges sharp, and all the colors opaque, but over all this is a very quick and beautiful mani!

Check out more photos below!

Let me know what you think down below – and don’t forget to tag @jackiemonttblog in any of your recreations!

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