KL Polish Havana Heat Collection Swatches and Review

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KL Polish is ringing in the summertime with their new Havana Heat Collection, a beautiful collection inspired by Cuba! You can pick up this collection on June 5, 2018 (aka tomorrow!) 

With bright topical tones and deep sumptuous shades, you'll wanna throw these enticing colors in your suitcase and escape for an island getaway. 

My Thoughts on the KL Polish Havana Heat Collection

Hello lovelies, today I am thrilled to be sharing the KL Polish Havana Heat Collection! This is KL Polish's second summer collection, and this time around Kathleen has created a collection dedicated to her Cuban roots.

In this set, you get six all-new KL Polish shades: five creme shades, and one jelly shimmer shade. You can pick up this limited edition Havana Heat box set starting tomorrow for $45 plus shipping.

I was so excited to see this collection, as someone who loves her foreign roots too, I love that Kathleen was able to create these polish inspired by Cuba. While initially, I didn't see how these were summer shades, but as soon as I saw them on my nails I was so inspired!

Now onto the swatches...

Swatches of the KL Polish Havana Heat Collection

KL Polish Celia

CELIA | Celia is a bright pink crelly shade that definitely screams summer. This really reminds me of a ripe watermelon, and even though I don't usually go for shades like this I love it. This builds up nicely in 3 coats, but note that there is some minor staining.

KL Polish Tropicana

TROPICANA | Tropicana is by far my favorite shade in the Havana Heat collection! I am a real sucker for yellows, and this is such a unique shade. I truly have nothing like this orangey-yellow shade in my vast collection. Tropicana really reminds me of SunnyD, it's a tangy looking yellow-orange, maybe almost even neon looking. The pictures don't do it justice, but this took 3 coats to build upon me and was a bit streaky, but if you have shorter nails, you could get it in 2 coats.

KL Polish Matanzas

MATANZAS | Matanzas is a bright cobalt blue jelly packed with shifting glitter, from silver to blue, to magenta. This is such a bright and beautiful summer shade, and I see this being my beach mani. I was so surprised to get this built up in only 2 coats. For a jelly/shimmer, that is pretty impressive.

KL Polish Cha Cha Cha

CHA CHA CHA | Cha Cha Cha is a gorgeous deep orange, almost rusty shade. The formula on this was so great, I almost had it opaque in 1 coat,  but I did 2 coats for good measure.

KL Polish Mojito

MOJITO | Mojito is a nice creamy green shade, not really a shade that I would consider a mint (although mint leaves are around this shade...) but I'd describe it as a mid-toned green. My camera had a hard time picking up the true color of this polish, so I had to edit it in photoshop to be more color accurate. This was 2 coats for full opacity.

KL Polish Cubana

CUBANA | Last but not least is Cubana, a nice brick red with a crelly formula. This is a really beautiful shade that does remind me of Havana and the colors of Cuba. I got this opaque in 2 coats

Final thoughts on the KL Polish Havana Heat Collection

I am so so soooo in love with this collection! All the shades are bright, vibrant and so fun for summer. I love how pigmented all these polishes are, and how unique the colors are for a summer collection. 

I have a lot of nail polish, and a good number of these are unique to my collection. I think if you are at all interested, you should definitely pick these up. The KL Polish Havana Heat collection is a home run for me!

Would you pick up any of these? Let me know your favorite down below! 

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