Salon Perfect Peaches & Creme's Collection Swatches & Review

10:30 AM
Salon perfect is a really great, and affordable brand that you can pick up at Walmart, and! Today I have a couple shades from their Peaches & Creme's collection.

My thoughts on the Salon Perfect Peaches & Creme's Collection

Hello Lovelies! Today I have something new to the blog. I was home in Chicago last month, and came across some of the beautiful new Salon Perfect polishes at my local Walmart! They were out of most of the shades in the new Peaches & Creme's spring collection -- but I was able to pick up three that I fell in love with

Salon Perfect polishes are $3.98 each, making them extremely affordable. While they do not have the thickest formula, for this cheap, it's definitely still worth it to try.

Swatches of the Salon Perfect Peaches & Creme's Collection

EAT YOUR HEART OUT | Eat Your Heart Out is a gorgeous pink tinted white creme, and a color that I don't have in my collection. I was surprised how refreshing this color was on the nails, but it did take 3-4 coats for full opacity because it has a crelly formula. It was almost too many coats for me, but the color is just perfect for summer. 

SHE'S A PEACH | She's A Peach is a classic spring/summer white based peach shade. This is not super unique, but it is a nice color. This did take me 3 coats for full opacity, I had patches on the first and second coat.

PRACTICE WHAT YOU PEACH | Practice What You Peach is a mid-toned coraly peach color that I thought I was not going to like on myself, as I usually don't with these shades, but it turned out surprisingly nice. This was 2-3 coats for full opacity.  

Final thoughts on the Salon Perfect Peaches & Creme's Collection

I wish that I was able to pick up more of these, although they took a bit of building up, the color and price make up for it. I will definitely be picking up future Salon Perfect collections, especially since the lower price didn't diminish quality -- only number of coats!

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