China Glaze Paint it Black Collection // Halloween 2018 Swatches & Review

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China Glaze created a moody masterpiece with their Paint It Black Collection for Halloween 2018. These shades are darkly decadent, and a sinful stroke of genius.

My Thoughts on the China Glaze Paint it Black Halloween 2018 Collection

Hello Lovlies! It's officially Halloween season -- the best time of the year ☠️ Today I have swatches and reviews for the China Glaze Paint it Black Halloween 2018 Collection. This is an all-black six-piece collection and I absolutely fell in love with!

In this collection you'll find four glitter polishes, a matte black, and a gorgeous metallic. I love all of China Glaze's collections, but their Halloween collections are always some of my favorites!

Now let's get on to the swatches

MALIBOO-BOO | Maliboo-boo is a pretty black holographic polish. It goes on patchy on the first coat because it dries fast -- so be sure to work quickly with this polish. It builds up perfect in 2 coats.

SHADIES & GENTLEMEN | I was so pleasantly surprised by Shadies & Gentlemen, a matte black polish. It has a gorgeous formula, and it's perfect for all my Halloween nail art! This was 2 coats.

PRET-A-POTION | Pret-A-Potion is a clear base topper, jam packed with little black circle glitter. This is a little tough to work with, but I think one thin coat looks really pretty over creme polishes. My pinky and middle finger are one coat, and my ring and pointer finger are two coats.

ASH & BURN | Ash & Burn is a black base filled with black, orange and silver glitter. I have to admit, this was not my favorite (I wish the orange glitter stood out more) but it's a good Halloween shade. This polish goes on pretty textured, but there was full coverage in 2 coats.

NIGHT AND SLAY | Night and Slay is another clear based polish, but this one if packed with black and holo glitters. I think this could be a topper, but it looks great on its own too. I was able to build this up with 2-3 coats.

WICKED LIQUID | Wicked Liquid is a gorgeous greeny-golden to black metallic that is the perfect goblin shade for the holiday! I fell in love with the dark and slimy polish, and it was basically a one coater, but I did two just for good measure.

Final thoughts on the China Glaze Paint it Black Collection 

Overall, as I said in the beginning, I was super happy with this collection. My favorites are for sure Shadies & Gentlemen and Wicked Liquid. 

You can buy these at Sallys, Ulta for $7.50 each. Happy Halloween lovelies!

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