Holo Taco Pastel Rainbow Collection Swatch & Review

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Who’s thirsty for holo? The Holo Taco Pastel Rainbow Collection features seven soft pastel shades with a sparkling holographic twist. These lush linear holographic polishes go on super smooth and come in a matching pastel rainbow limited edition collector’s box. Pop open a bottle, ‘cause it’s always holo time. 

My Thoughts on the Holo Taco Pastel Rainbow Collection

Holo everyone! Happy launch day for the Holo Taco Pastel Rainbow Collection! I realized that I have been working with Holo Taco for some time now and I haven't shared much of that on here - but I am about to change that! 

Today the latest holo collection - the Pastel Rainbow Collection - launched, and I can't wait for you all to see the photos! This collection is made up of 7 pastel linear holo shades that are so fresh and fun! This is the second full-rainbow holo collection from Christine and the brand and I am just so in love with them and how cute they are! 

Enough with my rambling - on to the swatches! 

Swatches of the Holo Taco Pastel Rainbow Collection

CORAL CHASER | Coral Chaser is a pastel coral linear holo polish that is so unique and sweet! I love that this is such a unique color - and I truly don't have anything like this in my collection. I got this one opaque in 2 easy coats.  

PEACH TEA | Up next is Peach Tea - a light and sweet peachy linear holo polish! This is another shade that just calls out to be worn in the springtime right? Peach Tea is a bit thinner than some of the other shades, but I got this one opaque in 2-3 thin coats.

LEMON SPRITZER | Lemon Spritzer is a pale yellow linear holo polish that is another that is unique to my collection! This yellow is like a beautiful light gold with that strong linear holo pigment! Since this is the lightest shade, I did need 3 coats for full opacity but I have a super harsh nail line so that is also a factor for me. 

MINT MOJITO | Mint Mojito is a stunning light minty linear holo! This is probably the one I was most excited to try because I love a good mint shade! I think it's pretty special and beautiful and it reminds me of the Orbit gum packaging haha. Anyway, this one had a great formula that I got opaque in 2 easy coats.

SPARKLING WATER | Sparkling Water is a refreshing pastel blue linear holo. This color is not super new to me, I had had some other light blue holos - but the formula is wonderful! I got this one opaque easily in 2 coats

LAVENDER SYRUP | Lavender Syrup is a cool-toned pale lavender linear holo. And I mean, what more could you want? I think this purple is so beautiful and springy! Again I used 2 coats for this one to reach full opacity.

PINK FIZZ | Pink Fizz is like a purply-pink pastel linear holo. This one definitely looks a little more purple than I thought it would be given the name, but as you can see it's totally pinker than Lavender Syrup. The formula was great on this one too, and I got it opaque in 2 easy coats

Final Thoughts on the Holo Taco Pastel Rainbow Collection

OK so what do you think?! I had some fun wilt doing little gradients like this one because Cristine said that they gradient well and they totally do! I am so obsessed. 

I honestly am having a hard time picking a favorite but I think it would be Mint Mojito is at the top of my list. What about you?

Also - you can now see my swatches live on the Holo Taco website!! YAY. 

The full collection is available NOW on holotaco.com - It's $98 for the full collection and $14 for each individual bottle.

*This post contains sponsored photos. These products were gifted to me by Holo Taco, I was paid to create product photos*

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