Live Love Polish Courageously Cute Collection Swatch & Review

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Rejecting norms, one ribbon at a time! This collection of playful colors is inspired by the vibrant spirit of Japanese street fashions and Courageously Cute alternative culture. Each color is a testament to the radical act of choosing softness in a tough-as-nails world.

My Thoughts on the Live Love Polish Courageously Cute Collection

Happy Friday friends! Today I am so excited to be sharing my full swatch and review of the latest Live Love Polish collection - Courageously Cute!

This cute collection highlights modern forms of expression found in Japanese pop art and alternative fashion.

This six-piece cream collection is everything you would want and more for the best and brightest pastel creams, all with really wonderful formula and extremely complimentary to one another. 

Of course, pastel creams are not new by any means, but these ones feel so bright and light - I love having them in my collection now because they are totally replacing some older pastels that are past their prime. 

I also want to note that I had a nail break - so for these photos my nails are shorter than normal. 

Now, on to the swatches... 

Swatches of the Live Love Polish Courageously Cute Collection

| Sweet But Make It Metal is a delicate peach creme polish. Now we all probable have a peachy pastel, but this one really is cute if you're in the market for one! I used 3 thin coats for full and even coverage. As a reminder, I swatch in very thin coats, so you may reach opacity at fewer coats. 

SO CUTE IT HURTS | So Cute It Hurts is a light daffodil yellow creme polish. UHM you know how I feel about yellows, and this yellow has the slightest green tint that makes it so yummy and beautiful. I just love how yellow makes me feel - happy and smiley! Again, I used 3 thin coats for full and even coverage - and again again, I swatch in very thin coats, so you may reach opacity at fewer coats. 

NO ONE'S MAIDEN | No One’s Maiden is a pastel mint creme polish. This polish is like a light Tiffany Blue, another classic beauty and one you might already own - but it's still pretty and one that I would used to replace some older similar colors. I used 2-3 coats for full and even coverage

DEFIANT DARLING | Defiant Darling is a true periwinkle creme polish. This is the perfect cornflower blurple, and the one that I think will be one of the most popular shades in the collection! I used 2 coats for full and even coverage.

DECORA CANDY | Decora Candy is a soft lilac creme polish. This polish feels so sweet doesn't it? I think naming it Decora Candy was so spot on. If you're looking for a sweet purple lilac then you've found it! I got this one opaque in 2 thin coats

LOLITA SUGAR | Lolita Sugar is a sweet pink chiffon creme polish. I feel it important to note the back story to this polish, so per LLP: Inspired by Japanese Sweet Lolita street fashion, this shade is ultra-sweet like sugar! ‘Lolita’ is exclusively a reference to the Japanese fashion style! Although they share the same name, Lolita fashion has no connection to the Vladimir Nabokov novel. I got this opaque in 2-3 thin coats

Final Thoughts on the Live Love Polish Courageously Cute Collection

So what did you think? I know pastels are not new for spring, but I did find this collection's inspiration to be so fun and wonderful! I also do like how they have paired together - make sure to head over to my instagram to see some fun nail art I have created with these!

If I had to pick favorites, I would say So Cute it Hurts and Defiant Darling. What are your faves?

Do you think you need new pastel creams, or is this a collection you'll pass on?

The Courageously Cute collection is available now at You can pick up each polish for $12 a bottle or the whole collection for $65!

Want to save $10 on your first order? Click my link here: (I will make a small commission of LLP points) 

*This post contains sponsored photos. These products were gifted to me by Live Love Polish, I was paid to create product photos*

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