Press Release | Zoya Dreamin' Collection [Summer 2021]

1:42 AM
Fresh for Summer 2021 is the Dreamin’ Collection featuring a set of bright, classic, and feel-good shades to enjoy the warmer weather.

Colors and Descriptions of the Zoya Dreamin' Collection

Who thought that we would be getting a second collection from Zoya for Summer 2021?! I sure didn't! When the Zoya Dreamin' Collection press release landed in my inbox, I was a little surprised - BUT of course I am always so excited to see what Zoya is putting out. 

This collection is made up of 6 colors that are bright and shimmery classics for summer, so of course that means that many of us have seen colors like this before, but that doesn't mean this collection is bad! I am always looking to replace older polishes with formulas that I don't like, with newer ones in formulas that I love (like Zoya!) and I totally this is a collection that will be replacing some outdated polishes in my collection. 

But let's get into each of the colors! These will be available for purchase May 14th, 2021

DESI | Can be described as a vibrant geranium coral cream.

POLLY | Can be described as a lush fruit-punch pink cream.

DARLA | Can be described as a Gerber Daisy pink cream.

SKIPPER | Can be described as a milky purple neon. This shade dries matte, but can be worn with a top coat to add a high shine finish. We recommend Ultra Glossy Seal. Skipper is in the EasyNeon formula, but includes the Standard brush and traditional black cap.

MATEO | Can be described as a cool-toned pacific blue cream.

SUMMER | Can be described as a mermaid shimmer featuring flashes of green and gold with a blue base.

More info about the Zoya Dreamin' Collection for Summer 2021

Alright so there are the colors! Again - this collection isn't the most unique collection around, but I still think the bright colors are fun! 

Are you excited about this collection? Are you feeling blah? Underwhelmed? Let me know! 

Also, currently samples are NOT available so I will not have an early preview for you all.

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