Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Matte Collection Swatches & Review

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Sally Hansen has added eight new shades to what looks like their permanent Insta-Dri line! All eight of these gorgeous polishes have a matte finish, and I can't wait to share my swatches with you!

My Thoughts on the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Matte Collection

Hello, lovelies! Today I am super excited to share my swatches and review of the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Matte Collection! I can't lie, I had no idea that these were out or coming out, I just happened upon this collection at my local CVS and knew I had to pick up all the shades. 

I can't find any information on these besides the new listing on but I am working on getting a press release and more information on whether or not these are limited edition or not etc.

From what I can tell, Sally Hansen has released eight brand new polishes, all of which are metallic shades with a matte finish. I don't usually like buying matte polish since I always think my matte top coat is good enough for me at turning my regular polishes matte, but I was so happy I picked all of these up! 

As I mentioned, I found these at my local CVS and they were $4.99 each. You can also get them online at Amazon, but they are double the price at $10.41 each.

Now onto the swatches of the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Matte Collection

GOLD RUSH | Gold Rush is a gorgeous gold metallic. I love the texture in the little flecks that you can see once this dries down. I was able to build this up to opacity in 3 thin coats. 

ROSE FLUSH | Rose Flush is, as you would expect, a rosy-chrome shade. This is my favorite shade in the collection on myself, I just think it is so beautiful! You can slightly see it in the bottle, and in real life, but this has a very slight multi-chrome that shifts from peachy to green around the edges. I was able to get this built up to full opacity in 3 thin coats.

MOLTEN MAUVE | Molten Mauve is more of a bright red than a mauve to me. Once this dries down, the texture reminds me of rose petals. This one had a great formula and was a 1 coater, but I did 2 coats for good measure.

BURNISHED WINE | Burnished Wine is a purple multi-chrome that shifts from its main color of magenta, to copper and green. This one is also that only one that has glitter as well, so you get an even spread of little holo glitter flecks throughout. Burnished Wine has the thinnest formula of all eight, but you can build it up in 3 coats. 

VIOLET VELVET | I think there is no name more perfect for this polish than Violet Velvet. This is a very pretty duo-chrome that shifts from violet to royal blue. The duo-chrome is super strong on this one, even on the nail when it's fully dry! You can build this up easily in 2 coats. 

BLUE STEEL | Blue Steel is a nice metallic royal blue. This is not the most unique color, but I am a sucker for blue nail polish so I loved this one. Another great formula, easily built up in 2 coats. 

SMOLDERING TEAL | Smoldering Teal is a teal duo-chrome that shifts from bright aqua to teal. When I look at this polish, I just think is Ariel's tail -- maybe I will use it for some Little Mermaid inspired nail art! Again, wonderful formula opaque at 2 coats.

SMOKEY SILVER | Last but not least is Smokey Silver, which is just a classic silver metallic polish. Definitely not the most unique, but the formula is great here. At first, I thought I would need three coats, but this builds up in 2 coats. 

Final thoughts on the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Matte Collection

Overall, I am so happy that I spotted these and picked up the collection! I am so into these mattes, and have been rocking Rose Flush for 2 days now. The Insta-Dri formula is supposed to be a one-coat formula, but you won't really get that with these. (Maybe with Molten Mauve, but that's it).

I think if you are looking for an easy to use matte polish though, I highly recommend these! None of these are super patchy, and all of them have a really gorgeous and easy formula to use. They go on smooth, and not chunky like some mattes can get.

Let me know down below which of these is your favorite!

*This post is not sponsored. No affiliate links are used. These products were purchased by me.*

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