Starrily Nail Polish Swatches and Review

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My Thoughts on Starrily Nail Polish

Hello lovelies! Today I have six Starrily polishes to share with you all! Starrily was kind enough to send me six of their polishes in different finishes for me to share with you all! I was so excited to get these in the mail, and I can't wait to share the swatches with you! 

Starrily polishes are all 5-free, which means they do not contain the dangerous chemicals Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor. They also have a strict cruelty-free policy where they actively avoid sourcing ingredients with animal by products such as Carmine and Cochineal, and their products are never tested.

I love that Starrily is both 5-free and cruelty-free, because I want to keep the products I put on my body clean and kind!

You can purchase Starrily polishes from now!

Now onto the swatches...

CAT MOM | Cat Mom is an extremely sparkly pink double holographic glitter nail polish. Cat mom has a pink base with a holographic pigment, then packed with holographic glitters. This double holo is so beautiful, and I built it up in 2 coats.

GAMMA RAY | Gamma Ray is a bright pink holographic, and the formula is so gorgeous. The holo pigment in this is so strong and it really stands out on the nail. I built this beauty up to full opacity in 2 coats

BELLATRIX | Bellatrix is a brilliant minty green micro flakie -- I was so surprised by the formula on this one! It goes on so softly, and I love the way the finish looks! I was also surprised that I got to to full opacity in 2 coats - reading it was a flakie I thought it would need 3+. My camera made this look a little more teal than it looks in real life, but it's pretty close after color correction.

DEATH WISH | Up next is Death Wish, a multi chrome nail polish that changes from purple, green, blue, red and gold. Death Wish has a black jelly base with a multi-chrome pigment. When I swatches this on a swatch stick, it was pretty sheer on the first and second coat -- but on my nails, I reached full opacity at 2 coats. I love how beautiful this, but I wasn't able to see the red-to-gold shift on my nail, only in the bottle :/

MAGIC RAINBOW | Magic Rainbow is an intensely holographic silver polish. Like Gamma Ray, this formula is gorgeous and the holo pigment is so strong! Gosh, this silver holo is so gorgeous, and I love how easy this formula is to use. I got this fully opaque in 2 coats.

VANTABLACK | Last but not least is Vantablack, a straight up black creme polish. WOW I was shocked when I put this color on my nails. This black is a one coat wonder! I could not believe how pigmented and smooth this polish was on the nail, and this is by far the best black I've ever used.

*This post is not sponsored. No affiliate links are used. These products were gifted to me by Starrily in exchange for a review.*

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