China Glaze Body & Sol Collection Swatches and Review [Summer 2019]

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It’s all about showing some skin this summer with China Glaze's Body & Sol. With eight shimmery, multi-dimension nude hues, Body & Sol is a collection that complements everyone.

My Thoughts on the China Glaze Body & Sol Collection

Hello lovelies! Today I have for you my first China Glaze collection in a while. I don't usually want every color in China Glaze's collections -- and I really am trying to cut back on buying polishes for the next 6 months, but I was SO drawn to the Body & Sol Collection

The China Glaze Body & Sol Collection is comprised of eight all-new, shimmery and multi-dimension nude hues that are all the rage this season. Nude are huge in fashion this year, and CG is not the only one to come out with an all nude collection (see Color Club's here). 

China Glaze has also joined all our favorite brands by getting a new wider brush, which I usually love, but half the brushes in this set were all wonky and made for some touch application. Hopefully I just got a bad batch from Head2ToeBeauty and yours won't be the same.

I am so in love with these nude hues that have a twist, and I hope you guys love them as much as I do! 

Swatches of China Glaze Body & Sol Collection

SKINNY TIPPING | Skinny Tipping is a dusty peachy nude polish with a red flip shimmer throughout it. I usually don't like peach shades on my skin tone, but I really love how this slightly deeper peach looked on my nails! I got this opaque in 2 coats, but the polish is a little on the crelly side, so you may need 3 coats for full opacity

BEACH BUFF | Beach Buff is a rosey nude packed with silver glitters. I don't have pink under-tones, so this isn't a nude on me, but I do think it is a really pretty delicate shade. I got this fully opaque in 2 coats.

BEACHES & TOES | Beaches & Toes is a cool-toned taupe polish with holographic glitters. I always love when China Glaze puts holo in their polishes, and I was surprised hoe beautiful this polish was on me! This one does dry a little textured, but I got it fully opaque in 3 coats

TAN-DO ATTITUDE | Up next is probably my fav or the bunch, Tan-Do Attitude is a glowy tan polish with a gold flash and sone gold glitters. This reminds me of a China Glaze Fast Track from their 2012 Hunger Games Collection (I have swatches from 2012, but they are so horrible....I'll post a comparison in a few days though!) I got this to full opacity in 2 coats.

COPPER-TUNIST | Copper-Tunist is what you'd  imagine it to be, a copper metallic polish that truly looks like a shiny penny to me! This isn't the most unique, but I think if I wore this to the beach it would look super cute as I tanned! I got this to full opacity at 1 coat, but I did 2 coats for good measure and it just helped even out the brush strokes. 

GLOW-WORTHY | Glow-Worthy is the golden counter-part to Beaches & Toes. This is brown-gold metallic polish filled with holo glitters. As with Beaches & Toes, this dries with a little bit of texture due to the glitters, but I was able to get this one fully opaque in only 2 coats.

BRONZE AMBITION | Bronze Ambition is a polish that I would call ugly pretty -- this shade of brown looks like the poop emoji on my skin tone, but I still love it haha. This is a lush chocolatey brown with a gold shimmer throughout. I got this to full opacity in 2 coats.

SEND HUES | Send Hues is a purpley-based brown jelly polish with red shimmer flash, and micro gold glitters. This was a stunner shade for me, and I cannot wait to rock this when I am a little bit more tan. As with the other glitters in this collection -- this dried down with a little but if texture, so be sure to use a generous top coat. I got this fully opaque in 2 coats

Final Thoughts on the China Glaze Body & Sol Collection

Overall, I really really like these nudes, and that they are not just plain nude hues, but each have a fun twist to them. As I mentioned above, the messed up brush was tough for me to get easy application on some of these, but I was able to clean them off a but and re-shape the really bad ones. 

My favorites from this collection are Tan-Do Attitude and Send Hues

You can pick all of these polishes up now at Ulta, Sally Beauty, or Head2ToeBeauty.

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