New Hues Series | Shai's World Polish Swatches & Review

Shai’s World is run by the one and only Shaianni, a 15 year old kidpreneur making vegan & cruelty free indie polish, nail care and cosmetics.

Shai’s World Polish

Hello lovelies! Today I am sharing with you all a new-to-me brand, Shai’s World polish! This is an amazing brand that is run by a wonderful young lady named Shaianni, a 15-year-old kidpreneur, whose mission is to inspire, elevate and educate young girls that they have a gift within.

You can find out more about her story here and pick up any of her polishes for $10 a bottle.

My Review of the Shai’s World Autumn Collection 2019

I was lucky enough to have been sent this gorgeous collection by Shai’s team. The Autumn Collection is comprised of a gorgeous black cream, and three glittery sparkly toppers.

Overall, the cream was a tad thick when I first tried to use it, but with a dash of thinner it worked like magic. I was able to get it fully opaque in 1 coat. I did not photograph the cream on it’s own, but know that there are 1 coat of Black Coffee under each of my swatches.

Now onto the swatches…

Swatches of Shai’s World Autumn Collection (2019)

PLATINUM | Platinum is exactly what you would expect, a super pretty silver topper! I used 1 coat over Black Coffee, but I think you could easily build this up on it’s own as well.

DORADO | Dorado is a stunning gold topper, and when over black, it turns into a peridot shade. I was obsessed with the transformation of this color over black, and I got this look with 1 coat over Black Coffee.

GARNETT | Garnett is a, well garnett color, with a green shift. This duochrome topper is probably my favorite of the collection, and is absolutely stunning for the fall and winter! Again, this was 1 coat over Black Coffee.

*This post is not sponsored. No affiliate links are used. These products were gifted to me by Shai’s World for consideration.*

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