Olive Ave Polish Summer Reading Collection Swatch and Review [Summer 2020]

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Walker has blessed us with the 6 piece bright summer collection inspired by reading! We love books and polish here (aka, I love books and polish) so I was so pumped when I saw the inspiration for this collection!

My Thoughts on the Olive Ave Polish Summer Reading Collection

Hello lovelies! Happy Wednesday - I hope you all are as excited about these gorgeous polishes as I am! Today I sharing the Olive Ave Polish Summer Reading Collection

The Olive Ave Polish Summer Reading Collection is a 6 piece collection of bright summer shades all inspired by books that are special to Walker (the creator)!  In this collection we get 4 cream polishes, and 2 glitter/shimmer polishes, and all of them have a slightly thinner formula, BUT they are not hard to work with and I don't mind a 3 coat polish if the color is pretty and it's easy for me to use - which these are.

I personally love books and nail polish (duh) so this collection was right up my alley, plus I am friends with Walker so I knew that I was going to buy this whole thing. I really really love what I have been seeing from Walker and Olive Ave Polish so far, and I am super excited to see what she comes out with in the future.

This is Olive Ave Polish's 2nd collection and my second review! Click here to read about their launch and the Flora Collection.

You can pick these up directly from the Olive Ave Polish website for $9.50 a bottle or as a bundle of all 6, or in trios.

Now on to the swatches...

Swatches of the Olive Ave Polish Collection 

HERBOLOGY | Herbology inspired by the Harry Potter series, and is a turquoise with a strong gold shimmer. I think this is stunning and the formula is great to boot - I got this easily opaque in 2 coats.

PALM TREES | Palm Trees is inspired by Show and Tell, and is a bold jade green cream with a juicy finish. This is such a unique and electric green cream and I am obsessed! I truly have nothing quite like this green in my collection, and this is a thinner formula, but totally worth it. I got it fully opaque in 3 easy coats.

LYRA | Lyra is inspired by The Golden Compass, and is a yellow leaning chartreuse cream. Uhm, you already know chartreuse us probably my favorite color, and this polish is perfection! Again this one does have a thinner formula, but I don't mind that at all. I got it opaque in 3 easy coats.

PUMPKIN | Pumpkin is inspired by Pumpkins, and is a bright orange cream. I love how bright and fun this orange is, and it's a color I have been really reaching for a lot already this summer! It is just so so pretty and fun for summer. I got this easily opaque in 3 coats.

CRAKE | Crake is inspired by The Madaddam Triology, and is bold coral red cream. When Walker says this is a red coral, it is literally a perfect description. This color is a red leaning but still coral cream, and I don't know how, but it's just so unique to my collection. I got this opaque in 3 easy coats.

FEY | Fey is inspired by the Magic Tree House series, and is a bright medium pink with a subtle silver shimmer. I didn't think I would really like this color, and I don't naturally reach for pinks like this, and I am right. That being said - it's still a super cute polish and I love seeing it on other people. I got this easily opaque in 3 coats

Final Thoughts on the Olive Ave Polish Summer Reading Collection

So what do you all think about these polishes? Again I am obsessed with the theme and idea behind this collection so I stan it real hard.

I wanted to just touch on this again - these do have a thinner formula than most other nail polish I use, BUT I don't mind a thin formula if that polish is still easy to use, is not patchy and doesn't settle in my cuticle or pool on the edges of my nails. None of these polishes did that and I will continue to happily support this small business!

If I had to pick a favorite it would be Lyra - it's just stunning. A runner up would have to be (surprisingly) Pumpkin! Let me know your favorite down below, and if you have tried or would be willing to try this brand!

Again, you can pick these polishes up from the Olive Ave Polish website for $9.50 a bottle, $55 for the whole set, or $27.50 for either trio (Science Fiction Trio, or Romance Novel Trio)

*This post is not sponsored. No affiliate links are used. These products were purchased by me.* 

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