Essie Heart Of The Jungle Collection Swatch & Review [Fall 2020]

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This is one color expedition you don’t want to miss, because nails can’t help but be spotted in the new limited edition Essie fall 2020 Heart of the Jungle collection

My Thoughts on the Essie Heart of the Jungle Collection for Fall 2020

Happy fall season! It's in the low 70s and really starting to feel cooler, even though I know that is not really that cool haha. Anyway, today I am bringing you my swatch and review of the Essie Heart of the Jungle Collection!

this fall, prepare for your cargo cameo because you’re about to waterfall in love with the thrilling heart of the jungle! take a leap of faith among the vibrant birds of paradise and embrace the adrenaline brush. naturally, it will take some time to get into the swing of things while you trek forward! but remember, looks can thrill between these leafy bends so don’t be spotted by any fast friends!

This collection is made up of six warm, earthy shades inspired by a thrilling trek through the heart of the jungle. These fall shades break tradition in bold, electrified and majestic hues.

As per usual, I picked these up from for $5 each.

Now on the the swatches...

Swatches of the Essie Heart of the Jungle Collection

HEART OF THE JUNGLE | Essie describes Heart of the Jungle as a creamy khaki green nail polish with yellow undertones⁠. The formula on these is really great, I got this one easily opaque and even in 2 coats.

CARGO CAMEO | Cargo Cameo is described by Essie as a warm brown nail polish with tone-on-tone pearl. I would call this a copper polish, and you can see the flash of red-copper throughout it really makes this brown pop! Once again, this formula was wonderful. I got it fully opaque in 2 coats. It evened out nicely and there were no brush marks.

WATERFALL IN LOVE | Essie describes Waterfall In Love as a rich royal blue nail polish with red undertones. I don't know if I see a lot of red in this polish, but it is a really unique rich yet slightly dusty royal blue. I love it and can't wait to wear it as the weather cools! ⁠Again, incredible formula from this deep Essie cream. It was super buttery, smooth, self-leveling, and opaque in 2 easy coats!

DON'T BE SPOTTED | Okay, so I LOVE this color! I know that a lot of people think this color is ugly, but I just love it lol. Essie describes it as a cheetah orange nail polish with tone-on-tone pearl. The formula on this one is slightly different than the others in this collection, but it was still super easy to use and I got it fully opaque in 2-3 coats. Again, there were no brush strokes visible once it dried!

ADRENALINE BRUSH | Adrenaline Brush is described as a vibrant red nail polish yellow undertones. This red totally looks a little "burnt" irl - but in a cute fall way! I really like this red, more than I thought I would (since I always think "how can we innovate a red cream?!") ⁠Essie does it once again, and I got this polish fully opaque and even in 2 coats.

SWING OF THINGS | Essie describes Swing of Things as a deep berry purple nail polish with red undertones. These berry/wine shades that are super popular in the fall, are just not my jam. BUT that being said, of all the shades in this family that have come out this season, I think this one is my fav!⁠ To no surprise, the formula on this one was buttery, smooth, self-leveling, and opaque in 2 easy coats!

Final Thoughts on the Essie Heart of the Jungle Collection

So, what do I think of this collection? Well I think the shades are all beautiful, but I also feel like all the major mainstreams all had the same idea and vibe when creating these collections haha. 

I love the colors and the formula, so I know I will be wearing a few of these this season! If I had to pick a favorite, I think it would be Don't Be Spotted and Waterfall In Love. Which are your favorites? 

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