Zoya Darling Collection Swatch & Review [Spring 2021]

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We're finally here - Zoya's Spring 2021 collection has arrived and it's a collection of sweet and fun spring creams! 

My Thoughts on the Zoya Darling Collection for Spring 2021

Happy Friday my friends! Can you believe we're already at the end of March?! Today I will be sharing my swatch and review of the latest Zoya Darling Collection for Spring 2021! 

This collection could not be better named, all the colors are just darling and I was so happy getting these on my nails! 

These are all out now at zoya.com so go pick up your favorite shades today! PLUS there is currently a 70% off with code "MARCH" available until 3/7/21 - NOTE the Darling Collection in not included in the sale but all other polishes are! 

Now on to the swatches... 

Swatches of the Zoya Darling Collection 

VAL | Val can best be described as a relaxing mid-tone sky blue cream. This sunny blue is wonderful for spring, and with a hint of grey and a dash of periwinkle there - it makes this polish really special and beautiful! I got this opaque in 2 coats.

KAYLEIGH | Kayleigh can best be described as a calming light lilac purple. Do you feel yourself relaxing? This purple is like a spa day for my eyes! I love it, and I got it opaque in 3 coats

MARA | Mara can best be described as a soft, muted rose-toned mauve cream. This color is a classic  for the spring, if you're looking for a beautiful toasty rose color, then Mara is your girl. I got this easily opaque in 2 coats.

TWEEDY | Tweedy can best be described as a bright and uplifting bubble-gum pink cream. I think Zoya has quite a few pinks like this, so if you have one already you likely don't need another one. With that on the table - Tweedy makes me smile when I wear it, and I got it opaque in 2 easy coat

ELLA | Ella can best be described as a refreshing coral cream with a kiss of pink undertones. This coral looks like a neon on me doesn't it?! It freaked my camera out a b it - and I don't think it looks that great on me but let me know what you think. I got it opaque in 3 coats

JOYCE | Joyce can best be described as a juicy hot pink cream. This is another super bright pink that I would reach for as we inch toward summer, but again I just don't think these hot pinks look good on me! Is it just me? The formula on this one is also a little crelly-like so I needed 3 coats for this photo

Final Thoughts on the Zoya Darling Collection

So what do you think?! I love that this collection is half calming and half bright and fun colors - but I have to admit that I love the calming half a little more on me personally. 

Do you have any favs from the Darling Collection? 

As I mention up top, this collection is already available and pricing is $10 a bottle. 

*This post is not sponsored. No affiliate links are used. These products were gifted to me by ZOYA for consideration.*  

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