China Glaze To Catch A Colour Swatches and Review [Halloween 2019]

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Meet 6 shady characters who are conspiring to bring killer style to your fingertips this fall.

My Thoughts on the China Glaze To Catch A Colour Halloween 2019 Collection

It's that time of year again! My favorite season of all, Halloween season! Today I have the China Glaze 2019 Halloween collection -- To Catch A Colour! 

As some of you know, I work in true-crime TV so this collection is right up my ally. I have always loved that China Glaze does a Halloween Collection because it's my favorite spooky time of year, and I am excited to share these six all-new shades, that will bring killer style to your fingertips this holiday season. 

Swatches of the China Glaze To Catch a Colour Collection

ARREST IN PEACE | Caught red-black glitter handed? At least your hands will look good when they 'cuff you. Arrest in Peace is a black tinted jelly base, packed with black and red glitters that screams crime scene to me. I did 2 coats on it's own for the first photo, and 1 coat over a white, grey and black!

GREEN WITH JEALOUSY | Your honor, we plead guilty to coveting this gorgeous green shimmer. Green With Jealousy is a gorgeous green shimmer with a teal hint, and the shifting shimmer goes from green to gold. I got full opacity in 2 coats

YOU'VE GOT BLACKMAIL | Most-wanted shade! Give us this textured black-silver polish and nobody has to get hurt. As the description states, You've Got Blackmail is a textured black-silver polish, and there's not much more to it! This pulls a little purple on me, but I still think it's obviously a silvery blacken shade. I am not a huge fan of textured polishes, but I will have to give this a full mani this fall. I got this fully opaque in 2 coats

PRIVATE SIDE-EYE | We spy style! This deep purple mica will have everyone detecting your impeccable taste. Private Side-Eye is a gorgeous almost-black purple with silver and holo scattered glitter. I love love love this one, and think it is such a witchy shade! Absolutely a perfect Halloween collection shade that I got to full opacity in 2 coats

PATHOLOGICAL LIAR LIAR | Liar, liar, orange mica on fire! You'll gladly take the heat for lying under oath in order to protect this sizzling hue. Pathological Liar Liar is the perfect Halloween polish for me! This is a pumpkin orange metallic with scattered holo glitters -- and I can't wait to rock this one! I got full coverage in 2-3 coats

GET OFF MY COLD CASE | No unsolved mystery here. All evidence points to the fact that you and this orange-black glitter topper are utterly fabulous. Get Off My Cold Case is a perfect orange and black glitter topper, and I can't believe I am saying this...but I think it's also my favorite in the collection?! There is something about this polish over the white, grey and black and I just adore for Halloween. I did 2 coats on it's own for the first photo, and 1 coat over a white, grey and black.

Final Thoughts on the China Glaze To Catch A Colour Collection

Overall, I always have a soft spot for the China Glaze Halloween collections. They just speak to my soul and I love love love all things spooky and dark! That being said - none of these are jumping off the screen for me like some of the polishes they've made in the past. 

I do love it, but previous Halloween collections have stolen my heart more. 

My favorites from this collection are Get Off My Cold Case and Pathological Liar Liar

You can pick all of these polishes up now at Ulta, Sally Beauty, or Head2ToeBeauty.

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