Essie Fall 2019 Collection Swatches and Review

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It's officially sweater weather with six limited edition nail polishes from Essie this fall!

My Thoughts on the Essie Fall 2019 Collection

Happy Tuesday! Now that Labor Day has officially passed, it is time to dive head first into all things fall and spooky! As you can tell from the title, today I am bringing you the six brand new limited edition shades from Essie for fall 2019.

it’s time to get back to your roots and explore the home grown countryside with the essie fall 2019 collection of six autumn nail polish shades. as the leaves begin to fall and the outside air becomes crisp – it’s official, it’s sweater weather. these limited edition nail polish shades are guaranteed to leave you on the bright cider. 
This collection is inspired by the countryside of the US, and I really feel the that inspiration in all these shades. When I first saw these, I knew that I needed to have them all! They are all perfect for fall, and exactly the types of colors I am always dying for in the fall.

Essie has been hitting it out of the park for me these last few collections....As per usual, I picked these up from 8ty8Beauty for $6 each.

Swatches of the Essie Fall 2019 Collection

HOME GROWN | Home Grown is a super cute golden peach nail polish with pearl. This immediately reminded me of a few polishes in my collection -- which you will see comparisons of later -- but specifically A Touch of Sugar from the Essie Spring collection. What I love about Home Grown is that this is a deeper peach, and one that I am using to transition into the fall colors. I got this easily opaque in 2 coats with no visible nail line

ON THE BRIGHT CIDER | On the Bright Cider is a warm creamy caramel cream with red undertones. I mean the minute I saw this on my nails, I thought that it looked exactly like the caramel you get on apples in the fall (or for me, those apple flavored lollipops covered in caramel...). I love love love this color for fall, and it has a beautiful formula. This was extremely buttery, and fully opaque in 2 coats

EASILY SUEDE | Easily Suede is a warm gray nail polish with taupe undertones, and while it is not the most exciting color in this collection, I think it is a great staple polish for the fall. Essie has been excelling at their cream formulas as of late, and this is no exception. I got full coverage in 2 coats -- but note: this polish dried a bit darker on the nail than the color in the bottle!

HAY THERE | My breath was taken away by Hay There, a buttery yellow nail polish with red undertones!!! Finally a beautiful yellow form Essie in their traditional line! If you know me at all, you know I love a good yellow, and I am a sucker for any shade, but especially these lighter yellows. This polish looks like a buttered up corn on the cob - and screams fall! I am obsessed with it. I could not hype this polish up anymore -- I got full coverage in 2-3 coats.

RUST-WORTHY | Rust-Worthy is a warm, burnt orange bronze with a metallic finish. Again, not the most original color in the world, but this finish is beautiful, and one of my favorites from Essie. I can picture this pairing with all my fall outfits now.... Again amazing formula on this polish gets it fully opaque in 2 easy coats.

SWEATER WEATHER | Okay, if you get any polish from this collection it should be Sweater Weather -- an intense forest green with shimmer. This is a stunner and probably the highlight of this collection! I mean look at that light green/gold shimmer running through! It is so gorgeous. This was buttery and fully opaque in 2 easy coats!

Final Thoughts on the Essie Fall 2019 Collection

Oh man, get your hands on these polishes!! Fall is for sure my favorite time of year for polish, and this is probably my favorite collection thus far!

I absolutely love the inspiration for this collection, and I am seriously itching to wear these polishes now that it is September!

I don't think it is any surprise that my favorites are Sweater Weather and Hay There, but Rust-Worthy is also up there.... Let me know your favorites down below!

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