Press Release | Zoya Darling Collection [Spring 2021]

11:04 PM

Zoya is dropping their newest collection, Darling for Spring 2021, and this collection is made up of the most beautiful cremes!

Colors and Descriptions of the Zoya Darling Collection

Today I will be sharing the colors and descriptions for the latest Zoya release, let me know if you are as excited about these as I am! 

VAL | Val can best be described as a relaxing mid-tone sky blue cream

| Kayleigh can best be described as a calming light lilac purple cream.

MARA | Mara can best be described as a soft, muted rose-toned mauve cream.

TWEEDY | Tweedy can best be described as a bright and uplifting bubble-gum pink cream.

ELLA | Ella can best be described as a refreshing coral cream with a kiss of pink undertones.

JOYCE | Joyce can best be described as a juicy hot pink cream.

The Darling Collection releases on February 12 on the Zoya website. 


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