3 Floral Nail Art Designs for Spring

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3 Floral Nail Art Designs for Spring

Hello lovelies! Today I am so excited to be sharing three super cute spring manis! I was so inspired by the wildflowers blooming this spring, that I had to turn some of them into manicures.

I wanted to create clean, sophisticated nail art looks, that were light and fresh -- so for each of these I stuck to one color and then outlining the flowers with black acrylic paint.

Let's get into each one!

Payette Penstemon 

The easiest spring floral nail art design was the Payette Penstemon, basically just a very simple blue stalk flower, that I think is delicate and super cute!

I started out with a nice white base, I used Sally Hansen Insta Dri "White on Time" -- but you can use your favorite white polish. Side note, I do not like the brush on the new Sally Hansen Insta Dri, but that is for another post.

I then went in with a fine detailed brush and put down a layer of medium blue, for this look I started with KL Polish "St. Clair" and made little double petal stalk flowers. Following that, I went in with KL Polish "Porter Miami" (a bright blue from the Miami Collection) to accent the petals. I then went in with a light baby blue in Zoya "Blu" (Bridal Collection) to balance out the other two blues.

Last, but not least, to tie it all in I went in with black acrylic paint to outline some of the flowers to add definition.

Products Used: 
Sally Hansen - White on Time (white)
KL Polish - Porter Miami (bright blue)
KL Polish - St. Clair (medium blue)
Zoya - Blu (light blue)
Black acrylic paint


Next, I have the mani that inspired this whole trio -- Lavender! I have been loving purple recently, and was inspired to do this mani after seeing some lavender  flower doodles on Pinterest and Instagram.

Again for this look I started with a white base, but this time I used Mosi Mei in "Innocent". Contrary to the Sally Hansen, I loved the brush on this polish -- but it does take longer to build up. Again, choose your favorite white for this step.

To create this beautiful Lavender nail art, I started out with a thin line of black acrylic paint, creating the stems of the Lavender plants. I planned out where each bushel would go with the stems, and then I went in with the petals.

I started with a watered down Zoya "Abby" which I got in the Bridal Collection. I mixed a little bit of nail polish thinner to a blob of "Abby" and it created a great water color effect on the nail. I started with some heart shapes along the stems, and then threw in some odd shapes to make them look more realistic. I then went in with a mix of Zoya "Delia" (Sunshine Collection) and Sally Hansen "Leapin' Lilac" straight out of the bottle to add dimension to all the flowers.

Again, lastly, I went in with black paint to define each of the little flowers.

Products Used: 
Mosi Mei - Innocent (white)
Zoya - Abby (light purple)
Zoya - Delia (bright purple)
Sally Hansen - Leapin' Lilac (grey-purple)
Black acrylic paint


And the grand finale -- my favorite of the wildflower nail art mani's -- the fiddlenecks! You all know yellow is my favorite color, so I loved loved loved these little yellow flowers.

Since I had tried out two other white polishes, I thought I'd throw in another and see how it performed as well. I used KL Polish in "Paper Snow"as the base. It was more transparent than the other two on the first coat, but I just love the KL Polish brush so much, it was totally worth it.

So, I was really stumped on how to make these flowers. I decided to start with China Glaze "Werk It Honey" a nice medium yellow shade from the Chic Physique Collection, and created the bigger heart shape flowers in clusters on each nail. I then used my Chanel "Giallo Napoli" (but you can use any darker yellow, like China Glaze Happy-Go-Lucky") to add some depth to the bigger flowers, and make them look like they have actual petals. I also created tiny little heart flowers around each bushel.

Again, I went in with the black acrylic paint to outline each of the flowers, and then with these, I had to raw in all the intricate stems. This is honestly what took the longest to do, but I basically drew each flower joining to a main stem.

Products Used: 
KL Polish - Paper Snow (white)
China Glaze - Werk It Honey (light yellow)
Chanel - Giallo Napoli (dark yellow)
Black acrylic paint

Finishing up your Spring Floral Nail Art

Make sure the you top off each of these looks with a top coat to seal your beautiful designs in. Always remember that nail art, as with everything, comes with practice, I would not be able to create these without a lot of practice.

I hope that these nails have inspired you, during the beautiful springtime! I love how each of these came out, and I would love to see any recreations: If you recreate any of these looks please tag me @jackiemonttblog and used #jackiemonttnails !

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